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Tiger will be back to his winning ways. Maybe not as dominate as in the past, but the newbies will get a taste of what it's like to play Tiger at the top of his game.
All eyes will be watching!! GO TIGER!!
They are showing commercials for it now on the Golf Channel. Didn't say when it was starting though.
Make sure you're going to be satisfied with how it looks before you make it permanent!! If it looks tacky, I wouldn't do it
Just got my Phil Mickelson"Secrets of the Short Game" DVD and a Winn "Hero" Putter Grip!! Both from ebay.
OGIO is the way to go. Check ebay, that's where I got my OGIO Kingpin cart bag for $80.
Very cool guys. Might have to find an old set and play around and see what I come up with.
Check Dick's Sporting Goods, they have a lot of club sets on clearance. Ebay is another great option.
Money, Money, Money!!!  
That's creepy, yet funny!!
New Posts  All Forums: