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  They were selling them at that time at our local Dick's for about $30, that's how.
Try a Bridgestone TreoSoft ball. It's a 2 piece ball and is only about $20 a dozen. I got 2 dozen at Dick's for $30 on sale.
My future brother in law has an older 2 ball and likes it. I myself can't line myself up right with one. I have the White Hot XG 330 Mallet and love it!!
Get fitted! You can get a decent set of irons for $300 or less at Dick's Sporting Goods. If you're planning on sticking with golf, don't cheat yourself and by a cheap combo set that you'll be replacing in a year or two.
Not sure the price will drop that quickly. Just go and hit them and be honest with yourself. Do you think you need them, if so buy them. You have to treat yourself every once and a while!
Take it back, they should let you after you say you're not satisfied with it.
See a Doctor so you can get an official diagnosis so you can treat it properly!!
I'm 5'8"and I was grounding my driver, so I got the golf shop to cut off an inch and it solved my problem.
Take your time and choose what feels the best.
Titleist are good balls, but definitely over marketed!!
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