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If you mis-hit your tee shot and don't get your ball past the ladies tees then proceed to take your next shot without pulling your pants down... you are a non-golfer.
Have a great trip.  The weather should be almost perfect for you guys (sans Sunday morn TStorm).    We played 2nd from back tees and I feel like if you can hit it 270-ish plus you'll be just fine.  We will want pics.
 A bit harsh... perhaps you meant naivety.
 You know what's funny?  If GN just added the $2.49 to their price on every Hot Deal, and didn't have a fee, there would be no issue.  But since they tack a fee onto the discounted price it feels like they are trying to nickel and dime me.  They could've disguised their price hike better.  But perhaps (I am assuming) they do this because they have to pay a percentage of their price to the course, and the fee on top of that they don't have to give the course any cut. Either...
 My point exactly.
 To make close to $30M to run a website is simply absurd!  I can see ~$1 per transaction (not per golfer) and still raking in a couple million to offset their cost of doing business and put some money in their pocket... but raking me over the coals to do so is bad business, and I (and many others) will simply stop using them to let them know.
I agree, the fees are garbage.  The issue is with Comcast - who owns GolfNow/Golf Channel/NBC Universal.   GolfNow booked over 11 million rounds in 2013 (source: wikipedia).  Just think how much money they are bringing in with $2.49 fee on each round booked!  Do you think they need that kind of revenue to run a website or advertise (heavily I might add) on the same channel that they own?  I sure don't think so.   Pretty sure they should be able to supplement whatever...
 Make this your starting point... figure out what your 150 club is (150 after the ball stops, not how far you fly it) and work from there.  If it is your 7 iron, start there and go 1 club up/down for every 10 yards.  So if you are 160 out you would use a 6 iron, 170 out a 5 iron, so on and so forth.Also, any time you are playing an uphill shot, choose 1 more club than the distance.  Anytime playing downhill, choose 1 less than the actual distance.  If severely...
It all comes down to a repeatable swing that gets the ball in the center of the clubface.  The more you practice/play, the more you strike the ball out of the center.  Also the more you practice/play, the more 'in tune' you become with your swing and you'll start to figure out the 'too steep', 'too shallow', 'too outside' and so on.   The only plateau there is with golf is if you don't play enough.
I think it should be a major, and I think the players already act as if it is.   The fact that you get the top 50 players, a 5 year exemption when you win (just like the 4 official majors), and the most prize money out of any tournament signifies this is a big deal tournament. 
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