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Sounds like my 20's (and part of my 30's)  :)     17th would work best for me.  I'm not in for sure, but it's hard to pass up a round of golf if I'm available.
I might be down... depends when/where/price/etc.   
Well... actually wouldn't this last statement point to short game being the immediate 'fix'?  You can be not great at either drives or long approach, but in this scenario you can save the round with short game/putting.     I feel like my first step was course management.  Once I started plotting a hole from the flag instead of hitting driver from the tee for anything over 250 yards I noticed a drastic improvement in my game.  Less OB, less drops, more iron strikes from...
Full 56.   If into the wind or uphill I'll step on it a little.  If wind behind or downhill I'll take a smidge off.
Best 9 was even par.   Best 18 was 76 on a par 70, and a few 79's on par 72's.   I made it to a 9 handicap this season but then put together a string of really bad rounds (like 12 - 3 weeks worth) to put me back up to a 12.  I've produced a pinched nerve in my lower back so I'm making some changes to make my swing less violent and it seems to be working (the 76 was last Tuesday)   This year I have shot 76 to 101.  Mostly in the mid-to-high 80's (with 3 rounds...
Doesn't bother me in the slightest... as long as you're quick enough during the round to not slow anything up and most importantly not 'blowing up' after any shot.    The way I feel... those that consistently shoot over 80 shouldn't be getting upset about 99% of their bad shots.  (I am included in this side of the coin).  Even the pros make bad shots, and they know exactly what they are doing.  Us mere mortals have so many inconsistencies in our swings, stance, grip,...
Looks like it is more of a scoop... not quite compressing down on the ball, more like just scooping through.
Usually 2-4 times per week between April and September with a couple weeks off in the middle somewhere - usually during the hottest part of the summer. Hit the range a couple times a week in March and April, then don't usually hit the range save for a session here and there for the rest of the summer.   Starting my season this weekend down in Nashville with a quick 4 rounds. 
True Linkswear Tour 2.0. I have to wait another week to try them at the range, and I'll be golfing in them Easter weekend in St. Louis. Can not wait! At the golf show this weekend: A pair of all weather gloves, a Hirzl glove, a shirt, & a Rain Wedge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
The bingo announcer for Milwaukee's biggest casino.  :) 
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