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thanks for the info.
Last evolvr lesson something clicked finally with me.  I have been struggling all year with earl extension and hitting big wipes and block cuts.  At least I have a different feel when I am hitting balls now and it feels "solid" which hasnt been that way in a long while. I have actually been moving the ball from left to right this week and it feels amazing.  I used to be a big hooker of the golf ball and fought it so bad that I started hitting blocks and cuts and couldnt...
Is there a difference?  Is it a sequence thing?  Are there different "feels"?
Just submitted my swing to evolvr again so i thought i would post as I wait for the feedback.  Started hitting a cut at the end of last year.  Have been liking it and it is nice not fighting a big hook.  I have started hitting alot of dinky push cuts and big wipes along with alot of hits off the bottom of the driver.            
Signed up for evolvr today.  Going to give it one last try this off season to try and become more consistent.  Those guys will have earned their money if they can help me accomplish that task.
On your way to the outer banks there is a course that is on the way if you are traveling highway 64.  The course is in Merry Hill NC, about an hour from the outer banks, and the name of it is Scotch Hall Preserve.  It is an Arnold Palmer design, and the course is 3 years old.  It is in the middle of nowhere, no one knows about and plays it.  The course is in immaculate condition, on the sound so the wind can be an issue especially in November.  I recommend trying it out,...
So like Poser the guy I get lessons from is no longer available.  I have recomitted and brought back out the S&T book that I bought 2 years ago and gone about it by myself.  I have actually been hitting the ball more solid going through the changes alone.  My problem right now is my ball flight.  Currently the ball is starting left of my target and staying there or slightly falling more left.  I cant get the ball to turn over for me.  Also the ball is starting further...
Is the video showing how to hit the driver using the stack and tilt method still relevant and similar to your teaching methods today? If not what are the differences?
Course Name:  Valley Pine Country Club Course Website:  valleypinecc.com Course Style:  Tree lined, small greens, not penal Regular Tee Yardage/Rating/Slope:  6600/70.7/118 Regular Tee Average Score:  78 Forward tee yardage/Rating/Slope:  5075/63.70/101 Forward Tee predicted Score (Agressive Round):  68 Forward Tee Predcited Score (Conservative Round):  74
I am really no better than I was a year ago.  My full shots are more consistent but I have worked so much on those areas that my chipping has gotten terrible, which used to be the best part of my game.  I can go out and shoot something around 73-75 then come back the next day and drop an 88.  I won't even mention that although I am straighter with the driver in the process I have consistently lost 20 yards and have a terrible ball flight.
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