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This is something I am struggling with, how do you get the arms to move like that? I always end up with way too much shoulder, and swipe across the ball with poor contact. What kind of feels work for this, or even which muscles should fire in order to make that kind of move?
Age 37, 6' 4", 230 lbs, 92 mph 
Hmm, 2012 goals were    a) Break 100 b) Break 90   I succeeded with the first, and almost the second (best round was 91).   So 2013 goals are   a) Break 90 b) Break 85 c) Break 80 (This is a bit of a stretch goal, I don't know if it's achievable, but I'm gonna try!)
The Hammer driver is the key to 350 yard drives, every time! Ka-POW! Good golfers only use blades, no pro uses GI clubs Its the arrow that matters, not the Indian that shoots it Keep the left shoulder low 90% of your time should be spent practicing putting
Make sure there are a variety of bunkers to practice in, green side and fairway, with appropriate consistency of the sand in each.
I got my DVDs in today, and eagerly watched through them all. For reference, I'm a horrible golfer    Disc 1 - Introduction, is a good overview of what the 5 simple keys are, with a fairly detailed explanation of what each key means, and some basic feels and demonstrations of each. As the keys progress, the explanations get more complex, but that's expected -- How could you otherwise explain sweet spot path or clubface control without explaining swing path, face...
68 today for 9 holes. 35.8/126 course.   Would have been quite a bit higher but our league rules state that you must pick up when you reach 2x par.    Needless to say I am not happy with my game right now....
11-25% for me. My overall game is much worse, my last two times out have set record high scores (64 and 68 on 9 holes). My current good hits are better, my putting is better, wedges are much better, heck even my driver is quite a bit better than 1 year ago. However my irons have gone from bad to not even worth playing the game bad. I'll usually hit a decent drive of about 200 (yes, 200, that's not a typo) into the fairway, take about 5 more strokes to get within 60 yards...
For what it's worth, I checked my order status and it shows that it shipped today, with an expected delivery of Monday 
I lurk a lot, primarily because I absolutely hate to talk about things that I am not knowledgeable about. So I quietly read threads, occasionally ask a question, but don't do much beyond that, letting the more advanced members do the talking...
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