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I had a good experience with Jeff Sorenson at Columbia Learning Center. Guy can play too--was in the field at the 2013 PGA Championship.
Looks like your shoulder turn is a bit flat. Try to turn your left shoulder more *down* and keep it down in the first part of your transition.
All else equal, for a golfer of average ability (ie not Tiger or Hogan) does a too-weak right hand grip discourage the right elbow from passing in front of the hip on the downswing? I am wondering whether this might be true either because it is biomechanically more difficult or because one might be inclined to throw away the angle or early extend in order to square the club face at the bottom.
Titleist 983e Dr: $35 used Callaway Steelhead Plus 3w: $25 used Mizuno MP29: $180 used Vokey GW & LW: $40 each Ping Anser 3: $3 at yard sale   TOTAL: $283
I am about 6'6" and have been playing golf since I was a kid. For me, the keys to consistent play have been:   1. Steady head -- do not let your head sway away from the target on the backswing! With a high center of gravity, it is really tough to recover from that position. 2. Bend over at the hips -- I have a tendency to stand a bit too upright, which results in a flatter shoulder turn and an over-the-top downswing. Bending over a bit more gets me in a more...
Been a while since I've updated this thread--here are two videos of my most recent practice efforts. I'm working these elements:   1. Keep the clubhead outside my hands on the backswing 2. Shoulder turn more vertical 3. Shorter backswing 4. Keep right heel down (this one is a tough habit to break....)   Down the line:   Front view:
For the best feedback, you might want to post a better video. Not being able to see the ball or your feet is a hindrance to people who might otherwise be able to offer feedback. Square down-the-line and front-on video also helps. See http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing.    That said, I have a couple observations:   1. Your clubface is quite open and your left wrist *very* cupped at the top of your swing and you no doubt have to make some...
Having a front-on view may help TST folks offer some more advice.   That said, even from this view I can see a few things that you might work on (in addition to what you've already noted):   1. You have a very strong grip--esp in the right hand. Experiment with feeling your right hand more on top of the club. Getting too far underneath is likely one of the reasons that you battle the duck hooks.    2. You lose your posture into impact. Take note from your...
Great that you get to practice this much! Take advantage of the time!   To my eye, hitting 270+ balls per session seems like a lot. Even if you were spending 30 seconds per shot (which really isn't enough to practice your pre-shot routine or do much of anything besides drag another ball toward you and hit at the same target over and over), you're still spending 2-3 hours at the range and not nearly that much working on your short game.    What if you spent an...
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