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To answer your question. Not unless I'm on a range where I can see the ball flight myself.
I believe the face angle on the tour model is 0.5° open.
Par 4's driven this year. (On the green or fringe) 338 yards to a green with water running directly along the right side and bunkers across the left. Trees directly in front of the green. The design intends for you to lay up along the fairway (which runs to the right side of the pond), then to pitch over the water to the green. Drove the ball to the center of the green and it rolled about 5' past the hole. Two putted for birdie. Slight wind at my back. High long...
I had the exact same setup / situation. I went with at 19* hybrid.
Yes, I should have mentioned. Paypal only. Thanks
I have a near mint condition Callaway FT-5 Tour 8.5* for sale. There are no sky marks, dings or noticeable scratches. This driver was hit only on the range twice. The shaft is a factory installed Fujikura 65g Stiff. Comes with headcover. I'm asking for $100 shipped. I will also consider trades. (Not really looking for another driver) Sorry for the low quality photos. I only have my phone handy.
GolfLogix has a free 24 hour demo period, you might give that a shot. Personally it was too slow for me and the distances seemed to be off 10-15 yards on some holes.
Distance and trajectory were very good for me. I couldn't get used to the sound though.
No offense, but your smash factor is horrible for your handicap (for any handicap actually). You should try slowing your swing down a bit and work on hitting closer to the center of the clubface.
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