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So is there a reason why the OP hits it so far? I'm assuming his mechanics aren't ideal, so is it just genetics? Fast twitch muscles. Love to get some insight on how to smash it 300 with a bad swing. Lol.
Hey guys, this is my third season. Never had a lesson but intend to at some point. I see early extension and im too closed at impact. But no idea why and how to improve my swing. I will defer to the experts. Please don't be too harsh!!    also, if someone could tell me how to stop doing the sawed off finish that would be great. I do not want to be the second charlie wi.        I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2+ years My current handicap index or average score...
Where should the hands be at the top of the backswing (right shoulder, above it, below it?)? I mean from my perspective while swinging club and not video from DTL. 
I've been playing about 2 years. Have a solid swing, and more than a few people commented that I should be scoring better, but always lacked the consistency to break 100. Iron game was decent, but tee game was terrible. My golfing buddy suggested that I try to hover the club like norman and nicklaus. What did I have to lose right? Shot a 94 the next time out, and it was only because my short game is pretty bad.   I figured out that hovering promotes steeper shoulders...
Hey Jeff, I just ordered the PBS. Thanks for the discount!
Not sure how i felt about it. The instructor told me I was a little over the plane at the top of my backswing, and that made me come too far inside on the downswing, causing my right elbow to get "stuck" and forced me to flip at impact. Sounds pretty solid reasoning to me, but I wanted to run this by ST for some feedback. Thanks all.
Hey guys, im looking to improve my game. Anyone have any good experiences with any instructors in the metropolitan area?
For the ones who get better so quickly, can you describe your practice regimen? I haven't broken 100 in over a year of playing, but I can only play once a week or even every other week. How good can i possibly get by playing so infrequently?
I definitely come out of my posture. My biggest problem. What drills do you guys work on?
I use to hit my irons high and soft, but for some reason this season, everything has either had a low trajectory or an even lower trajectory (meaning thin shots or grounders). Everything has been on target, so im thinking its a ball position issue? I believe my swing bottom has moved forward (improved lag and weight shift), so could this be the reason? I should play the ball more forward? Thanks.  
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