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They could say they would like to play to be polite, or they would like to play but don't because;They don't have the disposable income to waste on a round of golf They don't want to embarrass themselves because they aren't very good golfers They have more important or fun things to do when you ask A combination of these reasons and a million more Golf isn't like bowling.  With bowling, anyone can throw on a pair of shoes and throw a ball down the alley.  Most people don't...
I haven't tried WD 40 on a putter but it works well on wedges.   Scotty Cameron sells a cloth that is treated with a chemical to help prevent rust once you get it cleaned up.
I like the idea.  My only concern is that with a 3 hole playoff format, sufficient daylight can factor into the outcome.
Sure do, #1 OWGR doesn't require a Major win.  No one knows with certainty how Reed meant Top 5, if it was OWGR, overall, PGA Tour, etc.  @Rick Martin probably doesn't like Reed because he is a Tiger fan and wears black and red on Sundays.
I agree, I'm impressed when I see a guy that can really hit a 300+ yard drive that lands on the fairway but to date I've only seen one guy able to do it.  I've played rounds with many that claimed to be able to do it, but due to various excuses they didn't get close to 300 yards on those days. I couldn't care less when someone tells me or writes on a internet forum how far they hit the ball.
I'm not attempting to defend Haney, but I wasn't fair in my citing of what he said.  His contention was that at the Majors level, they are all very good ball strikers but that when he looked back at Tigers best rounds when he won, he had zero 3 putts for the tournament.  Obviously you can mess up a short putt and end up 3 putting, but overall it would seem logical that there would be more 3 putts when approach shots land far from the hole and the golfer doesn't get the...
 Not that I agree with Rick, but there was a lot of banter when Donald was #1 about how he wasn't really deserving of the slot given he'd never won a Major. Reed has plenty of years to win a major, I don't think anyone expects him to win one this year except for maybe himself.
Might be there is some concern that Sedana and Mary would have too much of an advantage if driving the ball was part of the challenge.
It should, but that assumes they don't treat the single carts as they do a double cart and still ride together.  I see guys with pull carts that still walk up to the first ball together and let the away guy hit first so to not get in his way or risk being struck by the ball.
I'm not trying to impress you, golf is about knowing the rules.  The rules discuss the stroke, not the equipment so your statement that the long putter has been outlawed is incorrect.   You can use a long putter after the new rules come into affect, you just can't anchor them.  The new counter-balance putters are being offered in 38" and longer that some people are using with a traditional stroke as an alternative to the anchored stroke.
New Posts  All Forums: