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I use Pure DTX for my irons and wedges but prefer Iomic "Black Armor" X-Evolution 2.3 grips for my hybrids and woods and Super Stroke Flatso Mid 17" for my putter. 
Exactly this, here are the details I've read so far;the OP was walking, "yahoo's" were riding. OP was playing from longer tees, yahoos were playing from shorter tees Yahoos were waiting on and hitting into OP OP decides to say nothing nor let them play through.  At the last hole he hits their balls off the green to a location where they won't find them. Aside from hitting into the group and risking injury of someone, I'd say the OP and his group didn't handle the situation...
Story from Golf Channel; http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/errant-drive-bloodies-fan-leads-els-nightmare-round/  I have to think that weighed on his mind all round and possibly the rest of the tournament.
Golf by it's nature is an individual sport, not a team sport.  With a Major this week, guys aren't going to mess around with their Open preparation to get together for a Ryder team scouting party.  IMO, Watson didn't help himself or the team by announcing the number of invites or the number of people that turned up for it.
Tiger has 75+ wins, 14 Majors and guys here are betting against him winning again...
You're probably better off contacting Tad Moore and asking them; http://www.tadmoore.com/.
I agree, I think this approach will be more constructive and avoid some heated discussions within the threads.
I agree you did the right thing.  If you saw the shot go into the hazard then you would be obligated to say something.
In spirit I agree with this.  It's an open forum and none of us (except those with Instructor Badges) are representing ourselves as instructors so the comments/advice should be received accordingly. I see potential for a low handicapper to get short with a higher handicapper offering advice but that can be managed on a per case basis.  Also we need to have a short leash on guys that flood the My Swing threads with bad advice on a consistent basis or trying to convert...
New Posts  All Forums: