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You're an anomaly (no offense intended), most people that can consistently hit their drives the same distance as pro's don't typically shank and miss a lot of shots.
Anthony has a really fast swing, I'm guessing he's self taught.  Charlie out smarted himself in the challenges, seems the pressure is starting to get to him, even though he played well in the elimination challenge.  The only way Toph makes it is if Jimmy and Charlie let him slide.  Toph doesn't have the distance to take on either of the guys or Emily in an elimination challenge. I'm thinking Emily and Charlie finale, but if Jimmy gets hot he could be a longshot.
Yeah, maybe next year we'll get that round in.
I have limited range of motion in my right shoulder from football.  You'll be fine, just work on stretching it out before you practice your swing. 
I'm just really jealous you can be outside in shorts and a tee shirt standing in a pool of water.  I was concerned the club with tear the bottom of the pool.  BTW, thanks for proving to my wife there are people even more obsessed with golf than I am.
There is a point of diminishing returns, but we're not talking about pro's here.  At my current ability, I will never reach the green in 2 on a par 5 500 yard hole no matter how much I improve my accuracy because I don't have the distance to do so.
Enjoy the new clubs.  I'm hoping Santa brings me a set of JPX-850 forged with KBS-90's.
The problem is some here refuse to think in the abstract.  If I could hit my driver 300 yards I should be able to hit all my irons longer too.  If we agree; We're more accurate with shorter irons and wedges than longer clubs Greater distance allows us to hit our next shot longer with a lesser club   If I could hit my drive 300 yards on a Par 5 500 yard hole I'd have the ability to reach the green in 2.  At my current distance I will always need 3 shots to reach the...
I have read the S300 is slightly stiffer than the equivalent KBS so that may be why, though it doesn't explain why it wasn't listed as an option for you.
 We're getting off topic but you don't base frame size on calves I've seen wrist and elbow used for measurements but you can visually tell from looking at shoulders and chest as well.
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