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Exactly, it's the same reason why people who insist on driving 55 in the left lane get the finger, cursed and beeped at.  If you see you're holding up traffic, move over and let people through rather than be a pompous ass that believes you are going fast enough.
Let me know what house in Vegas will give you those odds against and I'll take the bet.  Those odds don't apply given his current set of injuries and swing changes.  Under Como he's won 0 times and has missed almost as many cuts as he's made.
The studies you're referring to focus strictly on fossil fuels and ignore all the other possible causes for the increases in temperature of which there are many. There are a ton of factors such as sun activity, ozone, water vapor, axis shift and normal temperature cycles along with human activity, yet you and the rest of the doomsdayers want to shut down major industries in the world and put tens of thousands of people out of work because the scientists Al Gore paid in the...
You're ignoring my point, what percentage of increased CO2 is directly attributable to fossil fuels?  I am not arguing that there hasn't been an increase in CO2 (see my 2nd bullet point on what we know), I want to know what portion is related strictly to fossil fuels.  I've not used the word hoax or any words that insinuate it, I just want facts not theories. The ecosystem is a delicate balance.  Reduce the amount of oxygen and the percentage of CO2 and nitrogen will...
It's too early to tell if the swing changes will achieve what Tiger wants.  He's a smart guy and probably has an internal time line and plan for how he will proceed with Chris.  He knows time is working against him and he doesn't have 2 - 3 years to waste if a better solution is available. The problem is he's not going back to Haney and his swing with Butch is far removed and is at least partially responsible to his knee issues, so who is he going to turn to next?  If he's...
I've found that by adjusting the lie angle I could get a perfect setup with my eyes over the sight lines.  I took it out today on the practice greens and so far I'm impressed with my ability to aim it and get the ball to roll on the line I want.   On one of the holes, the club pro uses a chalk line from about 20' out to the hole so we can practice aiming and consistently rolling the ball on the line, this putter did well on both.   I'm a bit surprised at how well the ball...
I voted Better.   My ball striking with irons and woods has greatly improved, unfortunately handicap doesn't reflect the huge improvement (index is down 4 strokes) because I've yet to gain consistency with my driver and my game around the green needs a lot of work.   I figure driver is costing me at least six strokes and I'm losing at least another six strokes around the greens so I'm hoping that I can get to 15 index by end of summer.
I ordered one, they were pretty cheap ($80 including shipping) compared to regular iron prices.  I have practiced with blades and smaller head irons all year and it's definitely helped my ball striking.
Custom fitted clubs can help reduce the variables required to shoot lower scores but it's not a complete fix.  A good set of custom fitted clubs can also help boost confidence.
8 out of 12, I wrongly thought you could shake the tree to dislodge the ball.
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