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I've seen it happen at the range, but they were using a 3w sized head, teed up high.  The ball went up and then landed on the roof of the range.  It was almost like a straight popup and then the backspin and wind pushed it back to the roof.
The USGA is a governing body that makes decisions based on what they believe is in the best interest of the game.  There have been recent discussions about equipment rollbacks to clubs and golf balls but nothing has come of it to date. The USGA is likely more focused on how equipment impacts the playability of better players on established courses not weekend hackers who use foot wedges, gimmes and mulligans.   If you don't play by the rules, then USGA equipment...
What attracts me to golf is I can measure my performance against others and against the course.  Playing by the rules and using conforming equipment is what keeps everyone on an even level for comparison via the handicap system. Using a non-conforming driver during competition would be like using deflated footballs in the NFL. 
I'd go with the grid from the cover with the chapter titles watermarked on the image.  The DVD supports the book, so there are a lot of benefits to carrying over the graphics.
The commonality between Tiger and Rory is both guys were dating highly competitive athletes with equally or more demanding schedules than their own.  I'm sure watching Lindsey ski and getting his tooth knocked out didn't help him work on his short game.
In a show like BB there are intentionally a large number of dynamics that factor into who makes it to the end.Team competitions - if you end up on the losing team you could face elimination through no fault of your own. Weather - I've watched competitions where the weather changed during the course the of the competition.  I don't know how long the actual filming takes for a challenge but with only a few shots per challenge, the weather conditions can certainly give one an...
The key question in my mind is, does Tiger struggle around the green as much in practice rounds as he does during tournaments?  If it's just a lack of practice we should see improvement as the season progresses.  If it's mental, it could be a long season for him.
The key to blitzing is making sure your defense can cover receivers long enough to get allow the pass rush to get to the QB.  In order for the blitz to work against NE, Seattle will need to make sure Gronk and Edelman are covered.
I agree, no QB likes it but Brady is more affected by it than most of the top level QB's.  I also agree the play calling has changed so there are more running plays and quick throws to protect Brady better, not sure the O Line has improve that much though.  It should be an entertaining game.
I think I was clear he has a high percentage of WD compared to other pro's.  I believe he might have played through the pain if he was scoring better in some instances when he chose to WD, but that's pure speculation.  We all remember the tournament he won with a "broken leg" so he's proven to be able to play through pain when he has to.
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