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Aside from Anthony almost no drama this season which depending on your viewpoint was good or bad.  If there isn't going to be any in house drama the golf needs to be really good and imo it wasn't.  Toph struggled with his drives and Jimmy with his putter.  If either was playing Emily she would have destroyed them unless her nerves got to her.    I'll watch next season because I'm addicted to golf not because this season was great.
This side of Bubba is so inconsistent with his on course demeanor it really comes off as fake.   I know during tournaments he's playing for money and the pressure is intense but not many out act as badly as he does.
I hate the look of sites that appear are if they are obviously published though CMS (content management systems).  Everything is cookie cutter, just throw in the words and associate a picture or video into the database and server publishes it.  Way too much space and time dedicated to ads and autoplay video is always annoying.   Unfortunately this is the trend, so I expect eventually all sites will look like this.
I guess I misunderstood the circumstances because I thought his option was to lay up in front of the water or try to carry it.   If he just mishit it then I'm confused why both he and Jimmy mentioned that had Toph had his caddie he'd have not attempted that shot.
I don't believe it was an act, more likely he saw himself on the show and realized what an a$$ he was and trying to do some damage control.   His arrogance is what killed him, he thought his 2i would get him near the green but it doesn't appear he even knew water was in play. Toph hitting hybrid was even more ridiculous and shows how much guys like that depend on their caddies in making club selections.  I doubt anyone that watched the show thought Toph could carry the...
My very first set were from Sports Authority and looked similar to yours.  From the looks of them I'd guess they'd rate out as a GI, they don't look overly wide or appear to have much technology to make them overly forgiving.
AP1's or JPX-850's would be great options, both are cast.  The JPX-850 Forged are a bit less forgiving, but as their name states, they are forged.  I have played the JPX-825's and 712 AP1's and liked them both. I would suggest you try narrowing down your options and then go hit them all to see which you like best.  I wouldn't get too caught up in Maltby ratings as it's only a guide.  I can tell you that I started out with Diablo Edge irons because they were SGI and that's...
Forged irons can have their loft and lie adjusted with minimal risk of breaking where as most stores won't try to bend cast clubs beyond 1'
Good deal for both parties.  If Tiger gets his swing back and wins a few tournaments it will be a great deal for Hero.
Congrats, hope it's the first of many for you. 
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