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He is ballsy, as when he told Dave (paraphrased), "You must be nervous, given you're age this means a lot more to you than it does me".  I heard that and was thinking this kid must play for money a lot because the comment was barbed at many levels to mess with Dave's head.
From NY Times;  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/28/ask-well-can-you-get-ebola-from-a-toilet-seat/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0 
Scotty started using the band with the hologram for authenticity purposes, all new SC putters should have it right below the grip.   As for the shaft band with length, loft, etc I believe that only new putters that are sent to the SC custom shop for work get them otherwise, the standard band with shaft length is used.
When there's a payout it means both sides negotiated a settlement to avoid a "wrongful termination" suit or other litigation and agree not to disclose the terms or reasons for the termination with outsiders. Given what we know about the way the PGA handled Bishop I'd say it was more like how a company would handle firing an employee with cause.  They give them a chance to resign in order to avoid the stigma of being "fired", if they refuse, they're fired.
I'm amazed at the cavalier attitude you have with a doctor lying about where he traveled while infected with Ebola yet in numerous threads on here you've stated that golfers in tournaments or posting their scores for handicap should follow the all the ROG and not lie about their score. So if you're sick with Ebola and don't think you're contagious it's okay to lie to officials if they ask where you've traveled, but it's never okay to lie about your score during a golf...
Because if he lied about that how do we know what else he lied about, such as he wasn't symptomatic when he was traveling around NY? Maybe you'd be happy to be hanging out with him while he was infected with Ebola, I wouldn't.  If there is any risk I could have been exposed to Ebola, I deserve to know about it, especially from a doctor. 
I thought you were Golfingdad not Golfingdoctor.  The fact the officials asked where he traveled when he returned to NY indicates the officials felt it was important information for them to know.  It's not his call to decide the value or importance of the information, it's his responsibility to answer honestly, but he lied.
The fact is he lied to officials about where he went when he returned to NY, that's all I care about.  You and phan can identify all the possible reasons why he lied but that really doesn't matter.
Again, his thought process doesn't matter, he outright lied to police when he said he came home and quarantined himself in his home.  It was only when presented with credit card statements he told the truth and he's a doctor.  You don't know who got it yet, it hasn't be 21 days.  Let's hope for everyone's sake no one did get it.
That's not the point, he LIED about where he'd been prior.  Why did he lie if he was 100% certain he wasn't putting people at risk?
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