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I'm impressed with the number of wins Walker has accumulated these last two years but he seems to be the big fish in the little pond, I'd like to see him win a Major.
Yes, he turned around so he was facing his mother not the range and swung away, she was about 8' away from her.  I'd guess he was around 10 years old and a very bad golfer so I doubt he thought he could aim and actually hit her but he did.
Titleist (includes Vokey, SC), Mizuno and Ping can only be sold by authorized dealers and are not allowed to advertise clubs at discounted prices.  Check your Golfsmith ads, when they run a 20% off store coupon, the small print always excludes these manufacturers. Any time you see new clubs from these manufacturers advertised below list price an alarm should go off in your head that they are fake or demo clubs.  As for the OP getting his money back, the seller is not going...
I think you're losing focus on what their job is.  Their primary job is to win and place high in golf tournaments, not ENTERTAIN.  No one makes the PGA Tour because they are a good entertainer, they make it because of their golf skills.  They may get paid more endorsement money if they are fan friendly or entertaining but that's not their job.  Phil doesn't get extra money from the tournament he won because he was a good entertainer. As others have also pointed out, they...
Rory is bulky compared to how he looked when we first saw him play, same goes for Tiger.  People (mostly older) assume that adding muscle equates to lack of flexibility and becoming muscle bound.  I'm confident Rory is working with experts who understand how critical flexibility is so I don't think Harmon needs to worry.  I also am a bit shocked that Harmon would compare Dustin to Rory given their height difference alone.
The digital level is mandatory and you have to spend a lot of time practicing slope reads.  I started by mapping 5 spots on my backyard putting green that represent slopes of 1-5 percent.  I would then walk to other spots on the green to test myself with the level.  I haven't had a lot of time to practice but I still misread by 1% about 50% of the time.  I also have done testing with different shoes and found that I seem to be more accurate wearing Trues than my normal...
I hope you're only expecting a little bit more forgiveness because the club specs are very close to the 850 Forged are targeted at 6-16 cappers and the 54's are 0-12.
I'd suggest GI irons like the Titleist AP1, Ping G25/G30, Mizuno JPX-850 / Forged, Cobra Fly z, Callaway XR / Apex.  There are a lot of options, it's a matter of you going to a store and hitting them so you find what fits your eye and swing.
I have no idea since my back was facing him.  The kids like to do Happy Gilmore swings and end up hitting balls all over the place.  It's a horribly managed range but it's close to the house.  I once saw a kid turn around and hit a shot right at his mother who was sitting on a bench texting on her phone.  He hit her in the face and there was blood all over, range was closed until she left in an ambulance.
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