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It doesn't affect me directly, but I think it's to all our benefit if golf isn't perceived by the general public to be declining due to poor ratings. I also enjoy watching tournaments more when Tiger is competing but I know you're not a Tiger fan so I'm sure you disagree.
They way I understand it, drop zones for hazards are handled as local rules.  If there's a drop zone beyond the hazard the local rules would require you play from the drop area, if there isn't a drop zone you follow 26-1 for water hazards 
That's why I wanted him to win.  The FedEx ratings are not going to be very good without him in it and everyone will start talking about how golf is on the decline.
I think it depends on where you play.  I definitely see a lot more vanity cappers than sandbaggers in my club.   The problem is that the vanity cappers have convinced themselves they are actually capable of competing at their underinflated index so when they get beat by someone that has a legitimate index equal or higher than theirs they scream sandbagger.
You hit a shot that was so poor you couldn't find it on the course in the allotted time, therefore you're being penalized.  A shot that lands in the water or out of bounds are also poor shots that you get penalized for.
I covered this earlier in the thread, many people think their tee shots should land on the fairway but lose sight of it before it slices off the fairway.   I've never seen a ball "lost" on the fairway unless there are leaves all over the fairway or the ball plugs in which case there is usually a local rule in place to cover the situation.  With those exceptions, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find your ball on the fairway. If you ball is off the fairway and you...
That's great, I thought he had to win in order to get in.
Read the whole thread.  Provisionals are very practical, it should take less than a minute. If you don't like the rule or hitting a provisional do whatever you want so long as you're not playing for money or in a tournament.
QFT, people will grow tired of Trump by the time the elections get close.  He is pressing some hot buttons that people have been frustrated about with Obama but he's going to run out of steam as he can't sustain this level of news and social media coverage for another year.  Best thing he could do if he really wants to win (which I still question) is to slow down and let things settle for a while and fire back up the campaign as we get closer to future debates and the vote.
Obama felt the need to condemn the NY and Ferguson police departments handling of criminals.  He also felt the need to speak out against Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin) so let's not pretend he hasn't done it before.
New Posts  All Forums: