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I guess I'm too old to do math in my head - duh
Congrats, not only is the post count impressive but also the time frame you achieved it in, roughly 640 days.  By my estimates you averaged around 15 posts a day, every day of the week. 
It's not my impression that Tom worked his butt off so I don't see the comment being warranted.  Based on what is coming out, it doesn't appear he put much effort into being captain this time around.  It's possible Watson got annoyed when no one showed up for the practice round, but his overall attitude and leadership skills was lacking.
Same for me, wedding ring stays home on golf days.  I do wear a golf watch, but will have to measure the difference in swing speed with and without it.
Not sure why we should "round" on Phil, he spoke his mind, which is encouraged here in the states.   In this country we critique the POTUS if we don't like the decisions they make, so why would Tom Watson get a pass? I defended Watson's captains picks because I could see the logic in them but with 20-20 hindsight maybe Horshel or Kirk would have been better choices over Mahan and Simpson, we'll never know.  Watson lost the team when he started dictating decisions without...
I was actually going to include it, but the title was too long so I went with Tin Cup instead   Don't get me wrong, I liked those movies the first 5 times I saw them... I forgot about Hooters and Symetra, those would be ideal for Back9 to cut their teeth on.
The US team didn't play up to their potential, some of that is on them, but I think equally it's on Watson.  As Captain he had control over all the pairings.  I believe if there was more team building and more consideration for the pairings the results would have been better.  I know when I play golf with people I enjoy I play better than when I'm paired up with people that I find annoying. Remember too, these guys are not a team outside of this one event, while they are...
I don't have DirectTV but if I did I'd check it out.   I'm sure it will be a rough start for them, as it is for most of these startup networks.  Production quality will be lacking along with quality content but if they can get past the growing pains I can see them making it.   I hope my cable provider picks it up so I'd have another golf option on those nights that GC decides to rerun Tin Cup or The Legend of Bagger Vance for the 1000th time.   The positive side of a...
You could say that about any match that was won.  No one broke the course record so in any of the matches one could say the winner "won" the match or the loser "lost" it.  Phil and Keegan played well enough to win and did win.
Golf is an individual sport but the Ryder Cup is a team event.  Watson, the team captain made his picks and had full control over who would play and when.  He may not have hit a golf ball but he fielded the team. Rex Ryan doesn't play QB or on defense but that doesn't stop the media from questioning his decisions as coach and assigning him blame for losses when he opts to play Smith over Vick, why should Watson not be under the same scrutiny?
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