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That was actually part of the reason I asked the question.  With Titleist balls one has to know how to decipher the codes (alignment markings) to figure out which year the ball is from.
Schilling was probably proud of his daughter and wanted to boast a bit to his friends / followers.   Social media has taken on this weird dynamic where people feel the need to proclaim their pride, love, etc for someone in their life in a public manner which places pressure on others to do the same.  I have friends that post every minor accomplishment their kids achieve or ramble on about how great their spouse is.  As a result more and more friends have adopted the...
I'm having a tough time believing a pro doesn't want to win and collect the top money because it's just easier to finish Top 20.   I can understand not going for the win by taking a high risk shot that could drop them down a few slots in a tight tournament.  I don't call that being a sheep, I call it smart decision making.
I think the guys that selected fade were concerned about coming up short with anything less than driver.  The guys that picked "draw" should have had no problem hitting 225 with a shorter club. Brandon was the guy I liked least so I wasn't too upset he lost to Tommy.  Tommy showed some skills going -2 on the Bear Trap and was really good out of the traps.  I can't imagine someone picking him in an elimination challenge after that showing.
I don't think there was any rule about how much shape the shot had, I just think they were afraid to hit the wall.
So if a player borrows a ball, does it have to be the same make and model he played during the round?
You'd have a tough time finding one worse than Ringo.
At some point a business like GolfNow has to show a profit, then increased profits year after year.  Their original business model was a loss leader and now that they have built up a loyal base of customers they are going to attempt to profit from them.  It's seems to be the current business model for web based businesses, offer free or very low cost services to acquire customers while you burn through investor money then try and monetize the customer base.   The model...
I'd say irons (and wedges).  Good approach shots reduce the number of putts you should have to make.
I can't see it being a failed PED test because one month seems way too light a penalty for it.
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