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I don't think Callaway is helping itself adopting TM's product release schedule.
I think the drug policy / PED's suspensions are pretty specific in terms of number of games based on failed tests / incidents, where as player conduct is more subject to interpretation by the commissioner.
Thanks, same here.  We're all speculating unless someone here works for the NFL and can provide the inside scoop. Gordon has the two weed incidents and I thought an additional DUI or police incident that occurred after the 2nd weed incident.  Both guys helped me win my fantasy leagues and I hate to see individuals self destruct, especially highly talented ones.
I think you have to look at position AND how they trended over the season if you want to accurately reflect the level of competition they provided. Jimmy Walker, in 2012 was ranked 43 in FedEx, in 2013 he ranked 26 and this year he's #1.  Tiger Woods was #1 in 2013 and this year he's 215.  If looking at OWGR, it's even more skewed because the trends aren't as quickly reflected in the rankings.
Welcome to the site and I appreciate the additional information.  if you are a PGA professional you should send your credentials to the administrator of the site so he can validate you as one.  I'd also suggest the owner become a sponsor of the site so that you can share even more information with us without violating the sites spam policy.
Not trying to nitpick but I'm confused as to why you voted "yes".  We often talk on here about golf as a gentleman's game and importance of self policing of the rules.  The Rules of Golf define a "hole" as;While it is still a great achievement, if all our golf achievements are based on playing by the ROG, then in theory it's a hole in one but not a hole in one in accordance with the Rules of Golf which is what I believe the OP was asking. 
We can put the legal issue to the side for now. The degree of punishment is based on the infraction and the number of infractions the player has had over his career.  Josh Gordon has been disciplined multiple times for marijuana use.  Justin Blackmon has also been disciplined numerous times for drug test failure and problems with the police.  My guess is the NFL didn't have enough proof of domestic violence nor cooperation from Rice's now wife to justify a longer...
Lots of hype but very light on details.  If you're going to make claims about the product provide us some valid reasons why.  Who will we see use it on the PGA Tour and when?  Why is it "truly BETTER" than other putters?  Why did it make you a better putter?  What's the technology behind it.
OJ went to civil court after the criminal case.  The evidence from the criminal case was used to make the civil suit.  The NFL isn't part of the legal system.
I would say no, unless he admitted to or was convicted of assault or domestic violence he isn't guilty of it and it doesn't go on his record as such.   Based on what I've read he wasn't charged or convicted of any crime.
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