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Unfortunately only about 25% of them should be wearing the minimalist outfits but it's probably closer to 50% that do which could drive viewership away.
If he loves playing professional golf he'll be back.  If he played professional golf for the money, he'll be collecting the insurance policy and we'll never see him again.
  From the home office network
LPGA and PGA Tour are two different organizations, their rules on dress codes don't have to be the same.   I think some of the LPGA outfits are a bit on the minimalist side, not that I'm complaining, but I can see where there's potential for the outfits to go past what is considered "good taste".
Any chance Stevie hooks back up with Tiger?  Get the band together for one last run at Jack's record?
Must be something in the NFL water, here's another one;  I find it hard to believe that suddenly every NFL player has lost it and started beating their SO and kids, so what's up?  Was this stuff not being reported to the media in the past (aka cover up) or is there a real problem in the NFL suddenly?  Seems like at least one or two per week, by the end of the season there won't be anyone left to play.
Paul Pierce plays basketball, so he's definitely not taking Rice's position.  Bernard Pierce might, but Rice still has some good years left, don't base your decision on last season when he was injured.
Not really, the NFL and Ravens over reacted to the video.  The NFL deviated from their new policy and the decision Goodell had made.  Rice is a first time offender, his case isn't pending trial, he should have been suspended 2 weeks.  If we want to hold him to the new policy then make it 6 weeks. As for the Ravens, cutting Rice was popular at the time, but we'll see how it works out long term, especially if Rice signs and does well with another team.  Miami still hasn't...
Maybe Scott can hire Joe LaCava after Tiger finds a new caddie to go with his new instructor.
As expected, the Vikings placed AP on indefinite suspension and the NFLPA union is appealing the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice.  I'm sure the NFLPA are hoping they can use AP and Hardy as cover while they get Rice reinstated after a six week suspension.
New Posts  All Forums: