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Chris is going to need a better domain for his website 
I believe that is the case at my club too.  A large number of the golf members use fore caddies and caddies so in order to make sure we have enough the club decided to eliminate the use of push carts.
As one of the 5SK founders you better start working on your interview skills. 
It's crazy how many star athletes and lottery winners end up going bankrupt because of leeches, scams and poor money management. In theory Johnson should be set for life, instead he's going to spend the next few years getting out of this financial disaster.  It will be interesting to see how the courts handle this given his future contract value was monetized and borrowed against, which means his current and future salary has already been spent by his parents.
The difference is Golf Digest isn't marketed as a tabloid, though maybe that's what it is becoming.  If the Enquirer ran the article it would likely have been handled differently by Tiger and his team.
It does matter if they are rubber or iron because our only basis for estimating the weight is visual plate size.  Rubber plates are typically thicker than iron plates of same weight, a bar loaded comparable sized iron plates would have weighed over 500. 
You could still be abnormal but are not in this case.    I prefer LPGA over Champions Tour as well.
I don't know, the rules are you either rent a cart, take a caddie or carry the bag yourself.  I guess it's either the loss of revenue or some bias against push carts.
It seems the battery powered push carts are really popular in the UK and Europe but haven't gained any traction (pun intended) here in the US.  I subscribe to some of the UK golf magazines and they have tons of ads for motorized push carts but I have yet to see one in the US.  Wonder why.
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