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I can't speak for the back injury because to date my back has really never given me a problem (knock on wood) but I know all I want to know about knee injuries.  I have a torn meniscus in both knees, one knee has both sides torn, the other just the interior section is torn.  My knees haven't sprung up steps in quite some time thanks to the tears and 10 years of football but I'd never miss a round of golf because of it, no less a tournament.  As we've seen with Tiger, back...
Part of the reason golf has so many rules is because the field of play is not standardized.  Rules need to be defined on how you handle all the potential situations that arise due to the unique characteristics of each course, whether it be hazards, houses, swamps, cliffs, etc.
I played my first round with the Snell Get Sum yesterday and was very pleased.  They were as long off the tee as the Chrome Soft and were pretty responsive around the greens when chipping and pitching.  They seemed a bit harder off my putter and rolled further past the hole than I'd expect but I need to do some comparisons to confirm that it was the ball and not me.  For a two piece ball I'm pretty impressed so far.
Anyone know what the injury is?  I agree, he seems to lack passion for the game.
Regardless of what the statistics say, it comes down to personal choice and having the right to make that choice.  No one in the NRA would force someone to own or carry a gun if they didn't want to, but they do protect the rights of those that do wish to own and carry firearms. I prefer to control my own destiny, I hope I never have to shoot someone but if my family is threatened by someone with a gun, I'll have no problem pulling the trigger.
I thought it was a fashion foul to wear low socks with slacks.
Which is exactly why you practice and get more comfortable, so you can perform under pressure situations.
I agree, I love the look and they are pretty forgiving.   Another forgiving forged iron that you can probably find pretty cheap on the used market is the Adams Idea Black CB3's.
I agree, but that's why you spend time on the range practicing so that you're comfortable with the gun and don't have to think about anything to fire an accurate shot.   Once you pull the gun out you have to be prepared to shoot your attacker, if you aren't sure you want to shoot them, you don't pull it.
I agree, I've read very few stories (none actually) where the victim pulled a gun in self defense and missed their attacker.  This doesn't mean they don't happen but I'd think the anti-gun lobby would promote such stories more if they occurred frequently.
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