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You're right, no one cares unless someone decides to do a retrospective or documentary on it.  The average non-golfer probably doesn't even know what the PGA is. If their justification for erasing him from history is no one cares then maybe they should reconsider if their organization really serves a purpose.   The USGA could take on the role in the US as the R&A does in Europe and we could just get rid of the PGA.
It's all in how the comment was made.  If I didn't know you and you said it was you wrote it, I'd have thought you were a jerk.  If you said it in a friendly, looking out for me kind of way I'd have thanked you.
 I think that was a mistake, history will show a gap during the two year period which will bring more attention to the incident than leaving Bishop's name in there.  Seems the PGA BOD was so upset with Bishop's refusal to resign and forced them to take action they may have lost sight of how history will view this time in the PGA.  Bishop will appear as V.P and then a two year gap in President, seems like unless they remove him completely it will just leave things...
Conversely, as a Browns fan then how do you explain the QB numbers of the Browns with and without Josh Gordon?  QB and WR are mutually dependent on one another.  Stafford would not have the numbers he did if not for Megatron. Sanders is a good receiver but as a Steeler his role was more limited because the Pittsburgh offense is more ball control oriented.
I agree, I don't know how they merge into one company unless they follow what Cleveland and Srixon have done where except for wedges the Cleveland name will disappear. I could see TM keeping the Adams name for hybrids and branding everything else TM.
I believe when TM acquired Adams they intended to restructure it's operating plants and products so it's possible they accelerated those plans to take advantage of some end of year restructuring costs for tax purposes.   It's also possible they are doing a completely new web site and decided not to tip their hand.  The domain and site are still active as there isn't an error message being reported, the site is just empty.   I would think if they were going to merge or...
I agree David, but whether we like it or not, that is the world we live in today and Bishop knows that. Leaders in government and business need to be smarter about how they use social media, "followers" aren't friends and most are just waiting for you to mess up so they can use it against you.
The best golf magazines imo come out of the UK, I subscribe to them on my iPad.   In the US, I like Golf Week and GOLF
That (hitting the juice) would explain the stupid comment he made about Poulter but not why he wouldn't resign and save himself the disgrace of being fired unless he still hasn't sobered up.
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