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Your plumbers analogy doesn't fit.  A closer analogy off the top of my head would be when MLB made is against the rules for pitchers to use foreign substances on the ball to "aide their grip". The R&A and USGA decided that the anchored stroke was not a proper stroke.  If you want to be outraged, then you should be that they didn't ban them sooner.  As has been stated numerous times, non-pro's can still use an anchored stroke as long as it's for recreational rounds and not...
My understanding is that most courses the LPGA plays on that are typically set up for the PGA Tour get "adjusted" for the LPGA.  Greens are watered so they are more receptive and slower, rough is trimmed lower and of course tee boxes are set up for appropriate distances.  I don't know how much Augusta changes their normal course set up for the Masters but I'd guess that they let the rough grow a bit thicker and try to get the greens harder and faster.
Fowler is a great representative for Puma, I think they selected him more for the image he projects than the number of Majors he's projected to win.  IMO aging is more of a threat to his contract than his current level of play is.
I run marathons and like to golf but I can barely hit a golf ball they way I like when all the conditions are perfect and I'm not out of breath, so I guess overall I can't relate to it.
Sex does sell but only when the ladies want to sell it.  If a man suggests they try to sell it, he is deemed sexist, if a woman suggests it, she's an opportunist.  It's 2015, new world order.
I'd say he's an Eagle.
I saw the preview and didn't think I'd be interested in watching it but I'll give it a shot.  I didn't mind the one episode challenge of speed golf they did in Big Break but an entire show based on it just doesn't seem like something I'd waste an hour a week watching.
I guess I'm in the minority but I thought the finale was pretty interesting.  Richy jumped out to a +2 lead then Justin won 4 holes in a row to take a +2 lead.  Richy caught up and won with some clutch putting and a great tee shot on 17.   The preview of their new show "Altered Course" doesn't look like something I'll be interested in but I'll give it a try.
I agree about there over coverage of putting.  If it's a great putt, show us, if it's a 2 foot tap in, who cares?  I don't think the networks understand that a ball rolling into a hole isn't the same as a TD or goal, we don't need to see every hole out unless it was extraordinary.     Shot tracer is cool, but overall I'd like to see the networks adopt the approach used when by the Masters, where multiple viewing options are available.  I like watching the groups play so...
LOL, no more likely I'd throw it in the lake ala Rory.  With my luck I'd go to break it and I'd end up stabbing myself in the leg with the busted shaft.
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