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Yes, I believe it includes a cart. According to their website if you play in the afternoon, the price drops to $31. 
If it is in the area, Myrtlewood would be a great spot to hit. I only played their pinehills course, but they do have another course (Palmetto).   Also, John Daly designed a course in that general area as well, Wicked Stick. It was suppose to be nice and around the same price point. One course I wish that I played was the International World Tour Golf Links. THe course has replicated 27 holes from famous courses around the world and has put these signature holes...
What part of Myrtle Beach are you going to, There are a lot of courses within driving distance, but if you provide either central, north or south myrtle beach, you might get a couple replies that are closer to your location. Last summer on a visit to Myrtle Beach I played Myrtlewood-Pinehills and thought it was really nice. It's open, but does have several water hazards. It is centrally located, close to Broadway at the beach, along the intercoastal highway. The course...
My college roommate's brother went the agriculture route and has been interning/working at Oakmont for the past two summers. I'm not sure what program he went through though. 
Played at Longaberger This afternoon and shot an 85. First time there it is a beautiful course   I really hate playing slow and being in a twosome following two foursomes made for a very long round, just shy of 5 hours. All day it was hit, wait for about 5 minutes, hit wait... Could never quite get in a groove. 
Sorry, I didn't hit the MP59s, I didn't care for the look with the Titanium insert. The 59s are going to be a little more forgiving than the 64s but I would think with the insert that the feel would be weakened slightly. If your ball striking is really solid, and are looking for an iron that is going to give you a lot of workability, you could check out the MP69s. I am not there yet, so I didn't even try to hit these. 
I was playing the AP2 710s for a couple of years then decided to look for some new irons a couple of weeks ago. I hit a lot of what Golfsmith had in this range of irons. The MP 64s were clearly a better club in my opinion. I hit the AP2 712s and thought they were pretty solid. I didn't feel that I would gain anything switching from my older AP2s to the newer model. To me the feel was the same with the 6iron I brought in and the 6iron I hit from their demos. Then I hit...
A couple years ago I played in a group behind Trace Adkins' foursome while he was in the Minster area for Country Concert.
That is a nice idea and there's already a pretty nice thread going with personal course pictures: http://thesandtrap.com/t/56097/share-your-personal-course-pictures
Thanks for the advice, The first thing I noticed when recording this was that my swing was getting a little long. I didn't think the problem was as bad as it shows in the video. I know this is an issue with my driver, results in a lot of inconsistency with drives, but didn't realize this extended into my irons. I have been working to make sure this is shortened. I'll check out the video on the backswing.
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