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If you get the chance you should jump at it. My work is crazy and I wondered if I could do it too but you find time. It is very rewarding and you learn a lot about yourself as well.
I hit one about 310 once. I was hitting it solid so I was playing from the tips at the local muni. I was on #1 with a bunch of high school kids behind me waiting to start their league play. I hit one of those "I never felt it leave the clubface" shots and it took off like a rocket. It went at least 300 in the air because it cleared a bunker that started at about 280 and was at least 15 yards deep. The kids were all mumbling about the shot and I walked off like I did...
I sure will. I am at work right now. I will take some pics tonight after I get home.
Since I can't sell my Nike clubs, maybe I can sell my R7s. I have 3-PW stiff flex with cord grips. I will get some pictures for anyone interested. Looking for $230 plus shipping.
I was wondering if we had any Cub Scout Leaders in our group. I just took on the role of Den Leader for my son's Wolf Den and I am actually pretty excited about it. I was a Boy Scout when I was a kid and now it is good to be able to be on the other end of it.
Actually the full cavity set is that price. The forged VR Split Cavities like you see here are being sold for $512.00 sale price at gppgolf.
Eh, sorry but I really do need my asking price which is completely fair I think.
Back up for sale. They have done nothing but collect dust so I might as well sell them.
Get your weight more forward with your iron shots. You could do this by moving the ball back in your stance or a greater shift in weight. This way you can trap the ball and compress it against the ground while hitting down on it.
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