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Hello and Happy New Year. If you picked up some new hardware this past holiday and are looking to get rid of one of the following three styles of golf gps watches (Garmin S1/S2 or Golf Buddy WT3), please let me know your asking price. Thanks.
Indeed. All the watches I've looked at are quite light. I did golf with a guy no too long ago that said he couldn't play with a watch in his wrist because it interferes with wrist cocking; he said he's popped the band on a watch during a round before he realized he just needed to leave it in the bag while on the course. I guess in his case, dropping a couple hundred dollars on a watch style GPS wouldn't be worth it.
Three wedges in the bag: 52, 56 and 60. I'm a shorter guy, so they are all cut down 1 inch from standard, as is the case with the rest of my clubs.
When winter sets in, I normally increase the misc tinkering in the garage. If I can dream something up and actually bring it to fruition, I'm a happy guy.
Thanks for the info, but I'm a bit reluctant to classify a watch as a swing speed killer based on a research sample size of one. I can see how someone that typically doesn't golf with a watch could feel uncomfortable when swing with one on and lose swing speed; however, the first comment following the post proves significant distance can be attained while wearing a watch (Bubba Watson); I'm not convinced his swing speed and/or distance would increase simply by taking off...
True, πŸ˜‚!
Nice one!
Office, Parks and Rec, House of Card, Game of Thrones, TremΓ¨, Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife (don't judge me πŸ˜„).
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