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My 7W has never left my bag since I started using one in the early 90's.  I've tried the longer hybrids, but 7W is still my go to club from 175 to 185 yards.
yes, it can be done, but you will need to add some weight to the head.
Yes, I figured that is what I am going to have to do, and was thinking Senior flex was probably the next step.  She hits her driver (14 degree) I built around 180 to 190, and at least once a round she will really bust one past 200.
Do any of y'all have wifes, daughters, etc.. that are good players and using a Regular flex in their clubs?  My daughter is 14 and really starting to really get her game going.  At the last HS tournament she shot a 93 and has been steadily improving.  The local pro at our club told me that most of the stronger females play mens clubs in regular flex, and even mentioned his really good girls are moving away from graphite to lightweight steel.
yes, it is what caused me to stop playing years ago, and only seems to have gotten worse.  I think too many players want to "Act" like they are pros and walk off each shot, measure yardages, walk to the green to check slopes, etc...  good grief.  Hit the ball and lets keep moving.
My daughter just made the girls varsity golf team as a freshman, after beating the entire girls golf team by 4 shots.  I've been coaching her myself, and never really got to technical with her, other than basics:  grip, stance, alignment, aim, takeaway, etc..  never have been one to worry about things that normal instructors deal with.  Angles, Planes, Position, etc.   Anyway, her HS golf coach is trying to tell her she does not have enough hip turn, etc...  ala...
I don't let singles play through.  They are welcome to go around me if nobody is in front.
Great analogy..,,,   you should run for public office.      
Humm...  I would throw them away if there was a receptable at the Tee Box or something.  I'm trying to think of the impact of leaving a tee in the box, and another golf having to remove it so they can play their shot.  A broken tee on the ground has less impact, and the grounds keepers indicated that they don't worry about discarded tees.    
I guess I don't get it.... why do people leave their Tee's still stuck in the ground on the Tee Box.  Seems awful lazy to me.  I always pull mine up and if not broken put in my pocket, but if broken toss it aside.  But never left sticking in the ground.
New Posts  All Forums: