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Let's hope she buys some better outfits with the winnings than those dreadful thing-a-ma-jobs she has been sportin'.
You learn something everyday with this game. Thanks! Like I said, it was early and I should have been asleep. All it would have taken is for me to set the dvr up downstairs while heading off to bed. It would have been good tv watching in the afternoon. I can't say I'm a Poulter fan but did feel bad for the guy. I'm sure it will be on his list of "things not to do" while out making a living.
I caught the last few holes of regulation when it looked like Poulter was going to win it outright. Something got my attention but I wasn't watching it on a DVR so I couldn't play it back. He was on either 17 or 18 and had hit it in the wood chips to the left of the fairway. It might have been the first playoff at 18. I heard the announcer say he was in a hazard and had to be careful of gounding the club. He had a clear shot out because it didn't land in front of the...
Just a thought, I've had total post wiped out but I see things in here and other threads that make me go hmmm. :rollingeyesandwondering:
If Liberace played golf then it was a sure bet.
The SkyCaddie SG5 has a straight plug n play usb hookup. It seems like everytime you plug it in to the computer, it is updating stuff.
I started in late July 2010. Just bought some clubs without taking a swing in the store because I didn't have a swing. Took a 1/2 hour lesson then signed up for 5 1 hour lessons. Played and practiced at a 9 hole course 5 times. I did not make the 5th lesson because of motorcycle head on crash with truck. I lost that battle. Three weeks later some asswipe rear ends me and totals the car out. Chalk up another in the loss column. It was fun in those 3 weeks of...
I bought a SkyCaddie SG5 but only got to use it a few times so I can't give you an indepth review. Being a newbie, I mainly got it to see how far I was hitting from shot to shot. Once you sink the putt (button), it will take you to the next hole with par and handicap info. If not playing holes in order, it will let you easily select which one you want. The next screen lets you input your score, number of putts, and fairway hit/miss/left/right. The next screen will...
From what I've seen, I wish he would slow it down a notch on the green. I can't get a good read from my crystal ball on him being overrated or not.
I take offense to that. lol
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