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Listening to this coverage on the http://pgatour.cbssports.com/live/index.html feed on this computer is making me go crazy.  Everything is repeated 3 times!   ... Everybody's talking at me I don't hear a word they're saying Only the echoes of my mind ...                   Mute Mute Mute
Mods, if this rambling is in the wrong forum then you know the drill....   A couple of weeks ago I decided to grab 3 drivers and hit against a screen.  It was -3 degrees outside so it was a good excuse to do something golf related.  Putting in the living room gets pretty boring.  I haven't taken any full swings in probably 3 months so I wasn't expecting much.  What I really want to say is I knew I would be rusty and did not want to blow something out in the process.  I...
Is there anyway you can move your whole facility with staff 245 miles to the East?  
I've never seen them but you have my curiosity running wild.  I will search them out.  
 That is pretty sick for DJ 3 putting from 8 ft.  
Good to hear.  The prices should be dropping quite a bit on those clubs so it is a win win situation for you.
 Now that is golf that is familiar to me.  Well, minus the second stroke.    
 I just went into Google Earth and punched in Tooth Course Orange County National FL.  Hole number 9 is just above the big green circle area when my screen shows up.  If you go by the center of the second tee box to the center of the green it shows 298 yards.  I moved his tee area up a bit going by the marker on the ground and measured to where his ball rested near the sand bunker.   It looks like he hit it pretty much 268 yards going by my calculations.  That's pretty...
I had a $10 reward certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods and I caroused the golf section for quite awhile.  I had to spend it or it would get lost or run out.  I had a Phil Mickelson dvd in my hands for a bit but put it back.  I went for the tried and true when all else fails approach.  I bought the buy 1 get one free Maxfli U6 LC golf balls.  I need them like another hole in the head.   I should have put it towards a Super Stroke putter grip but I did not have it with...
 Careful, you could put your eye out.  
New Posts  All Forums: