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 I've only been playing basically for one year.  I thought about joining the local club but did not get around to it.  I have it on my short range goal to be signed up before the end of the year.  It is winter here so no playing at all until probably late March or early April unless the weather does something out of the ordinary.  A bunch of guys I work with go to different courses throughout the year.  I never went with them because I was still in the learning stages...
You sound like me with that Flo  from all the Progressive commercials.  
Good God!   Imelda Marcos and Ian Poulter would have hit it off pretty good in one of those "what if" scenarios.   
I'll give the kid a break, those aerated greens can be tricky and very frustrating to read.
Is this the one you are talking about?       She is a doll and he looks like the guy that just handed me my McDouble, large unsweetened tea, and medium size fries.
I bought a Maxfli 42 degree chipper a few years ago. I mainly bought it to use up some reward money. I have not played much and I think I might have taken it to the course 2 times. I agree with others about losing a usable club by having the chipper in the bag. My old 9 iron works just as well on the fringe. I should try a few hybrid stokes as well and see which is better for me. As far as high quality goes, I don't think the bar is set too high with any of them. I...
That reminds me of the Great Pit of Carkoon.  I expect that poor golfer to be gobbled up by a Sarlacc before getting that shot in.  
Golf is Hard   Golf is Expensive 
^^^ Let's hope his fate doesn't end of like his.  ^^^     As for the golf, might as well go for Spieth.  
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