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 Holy crap, that is a lot of bad mojo happening in your neck of the woods.  I always had a dream of going to Hawaii for a two week vacation.  I guess it isn't all a paradise and it moves farther down the bucket list.  
 I was putting some miles on the vehicle one day and made 4 big purchases in 4 different cities across two states.  All legal and legit, of course!   Racked up the miles that day.  I'm driving down the road in heavy traffic and did not bother to answer a call.  Not too long after my phone is going bonkers with voicemails and text messages.  I pull over to see what all the commotion is about and find out it's my credit card company suspicious of the purchases due to the...
 Keep checking and it will show up again... somewhere.  I got mine from Amazon for $125 with associated Christmas gift card ($25) and signing up for Amazon Visa card ($30).  I had to pull the trigger then and now.  I did see one dealer that had them in the low $170 range with free shipping.  The only reason I did not go with them is because my gift card could not be used because it wasn't coming directly from Amazon.  I'm still new to the whole Amazon thing but that is...
Did you yell 'fore' even though no golf ball was involved?
I just joined a club for the first time.  I have only been playing for a year so I thought why not.  I was driving 25 miles away to a nine hole course with not much traffic just so I could learn a little and not be in anybodies way.  This course is less that a mile from the house and I played it for the first time this past summer.  That's 52 years of driving by it.    I tried getting over there as much as I could last year before the weather turned cold.  The course is...
My Game Golf arrived 5 days earlier than expected.  I named the clubs in the bag but still need to put the tags in the grips.   I see it wipes out club info when you change things in the bag.  Am I reading that right?  I only ask because my clubs are not set in stone on what I am using from week to week.
I started with a SkyCaddie and then it sat for 4 years after my accident. I started back up with a Golf Logix or Swing by Swing but they are both battery killers on my phone. You would be pushing it to get a round in. I would also get random lockups using the phone apps. I also have a hard time seeing what is on the screen in the bright sun. The SG5 is quick and easy for me. Someday I might have a small laser and do away with the SkyCaddie.
 It was from a vendor on Amazon (Golf Aide).  I took the last one.  The price was low because a friend gave me a $25 Amazon card for Christmas along with an instant $30 gift for signing up for a Visa card during checkout.  I was going to close out my old one anyway and figured the points on this one could be better served with the many different vendors/products to choose from on Amazon.  My other card was for one companies goods.  The way I look at it is the $55 was free...
I just bought a brand new one last night. One hundred twenty four dollars and change with shipping is what the final tally was so I'm happy. The sad part will be that it will take about a week to get here and probably another three months to use it. I just came over from the gym and the 10 degrees was mind numbing. Probably actually seeing my bad shots on the screen instead of just a number will put a frown on my face.
  Ok, thanks for the clarification. I won't have to worry about winning any of them.  
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