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 Now you are just rubbing it in.    I left for work at 5:30 this morning and it was 14.  I just got out and it felt like summer.  My car thermometer was reading 37.  I'd be playing in that if the course was open.  
 We are still in the light brown stages.  I just came out of the department store and was greeted with snowflakes. I'll use your picture on my desktop to hold me over until things get back in shape around here.  
  There you go.  Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns.
Just a note:  This thread is for last year's tournament.
I have been using iron covers because I hate the damn clanging sound when riding around on a bumpy cart path.  What I do find comical is somebody saying your a dweeb for using them and you look over at their bag and they have a Yoda, Chewbacca, or Stewie, etc. headcovers.  WTF!   
I have settled on using the magnetic marker clipped on my hat.  I hate digging for coins.
Last summer I hit an errant shot off from a 153 yard par 3.  I seen where the ball landed and is was really thick grass.  I get down there and walk around for a minute before I see what looks like a ball.  Wouldn't you know it would be laying right under a dead snake.  The thing was laying belly up.  Startled me for a second then I stepped back to gather my thoughts and let the goose bumps settle down.  I moved the snake out of the way with the wedge and proceeded to get a...
 First off, sorry to hear about this and all the related legwork you will be doing to hopefully get it corrected.  It is pretty sad the lengths people will go through to screw the buying public.  I have never had to go through disputes with eBay or PayPal.  I did have over $950 erroneous charge on my credit card many years ago.  It took about 9 months to get that taken off with numerous letters and phone calls.   I have the SM5 Raw Black versions so overlooking the obvious...
I'd like to see them make one with the caddies and PGA bigwigs.  
I got the bright idea last week to take a shag tube out and hit some balls with an "A" wedge in the great outdoors.  I went out to a local park located along the river.  I thought I'd bring a plane along to get a few flights in while the weather was in the 50's.  I flew for 12 minutes then decided to hit some balls.  I skulled the first two then started hitting them correctly.  The ground was pretty soupy and they were plugging pretty bad.  Plugging so bad that you could...
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