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I have found taking an extra few practice swings has helped me. If it doesn't feel right, take some more. I could not hit a wood off the deck for the life of me. I am not afraid to take them out of the bag and take some strokes until I get that "thud" sound. The same goes for using the sand wedge around the green. I keep taking swings until I get that nice sound of swishing through the grass.
I seem to always grab the 6 iron when the ball is not where it's supposed to be. The others just seem to make things worse.
I had to start out today on the back nine.  Number 11 is 366 yards dog leg left.  I hit my drive good but never seen it at all.  I'm debating to hit another or just go down there and drive around and find it.  I made a few laps and was about to just throw a ball down and get moving because there was a retiree day and things might get stacked up.  I'm saying a few choice words inside while making the rounds.  A 95 year old guy that I was talking to on the previous hole was...
I was going to say penalties.  Either out of bounds, water, or just plain lost.  Yeah, I even count the lost ones even when I seen them hit a certain spot but for some reason or another the little white pills like to hide under the grass only to be found by the ball shaggers or mower decks.  Right now, it is definitely when the sand wedge is in hand.  I always seem to half the distance when using it out of the full cut around the green.  For some reason, they always fall...
 What do I win and where do I pick it up at?  
I know how Rory feels plus 1.  I had the unfortunate experience of 5 putting today.  lol  Too make matters worse, it was on a Par 3.  The hole is 94 yards straight up hill.  You can just barely see the top of the flag from the tee box.  If I use a 9 iron, I'm in the sand bunkers in front.  Been there done that.  I hit my 8 iron a little left and when I got up there I couldn't find it.  I walked all over but thought it might have kicked off and down into a steep ravine.  I...
Based on the picture, it looks like rioting is about to commence.  j/k 
I don't know if has been brought up about push carts. Use the brake on hilly terrain. Don't ask because you can put two and two together and figure out the result. lol
Does your wife have a sister?     You did good, you held off and will wait for the fitted set.  
I think I have a few rewards bucks sitting around in an account somewhere on the internet.  I better start digging and use them on some FootJoys.  
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