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About a month ago, I was in the Pro Shop getting ready to go out for a round. I stopped and was checking out the golf action on the tv for an instant. Two guys walked in and payed for their round and asked the Club Pro about needing some balls. He was kind of feeling them out on what type of players and game they had. I never seen them before so I was assuming that he did not know them either. The Pro was telling them about some of the lower to mid tier balls on the...
Bought a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft in yellow.  I need to give myself a swift kick in the ass for buying them over the B330RX's. 
I bought a dozen of the yellow Chrome Soft.  I had reward money to use up and they did not have the Top Flite Gamer Tour or Maxfli U4's on the shelf.  I was debating on getting the B330RX's or the Chrome Soft.  I played today with them and I don't see what all the fuss is about.  It was only one round but I don't think they will be in the bag the next time out.  I could not putt with them to save my life.  I have never blown the ball by the hole as much as I did with these...
I tried the Swing by Swing app a few years ago.  The damn thing would always lock up on the second tee box so I quite using it. 
  So that's where you buried the stash.  Interesting!  Mine will do that if I don't give it at least 10 minutes startup time.  That is what customer service recommended too.
I seem to always be injured and it has come to the point that I don't make tee times.  If I feel up to it when I get out of bed then I'll go over and play.  Lately my back has been really sore to the point that it feels like it wants to "go out".  I'm talking the kind of sharp stabbing pain that puts you down for a week or two.  I don't want that so if I feel so so, then I only chip and putt on the practice green and don't do full swings or my version of it.  Since my...
 A friend of the family gave me some of her Dad's golf balls that have been sitting for years.  I think I seen some Stata balls in the mix along with some Arnold Palmer, Hogan, and what I'm guessing is Titleist tour balls back then.   Some of these balls have dimples that are really far apart from one another.    I think the AD333's are discontinued but have seen a few boxes at the big box sporting goods store. 
Congrats on the accomplishment.    Knock on wood but I have gone quite a few rounds on my Top Flite Gamer Tour.   The course I play on does have quite a few holes with trees and then there are others with just plain old woods that nothing is coming out.  If you dare, then maybe some ticks if the ball is important enough to you.  No water to worry about on the front nine so maybe that has its blessings.  One of these days I will have to walk the back side to see if it...
 Balls with some meat on them will get the job done. 
 I bought two dozen ($35) of the Top Flite Gamer Tour balls.  I have no complaints at all with them.   I played the same ball for a couple of rounds and the only mark on it was from a tree.  It even bounced back into play.  Now what is there not to like about that.   I still have 7 sleeves of them and have some reward money to use up so it will probably be either them or the Maxfli u4.  Use it or lose it.  
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