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Based on the picture, it looks like rioting is about to commence.  j/k 
I don't know if has been brought up about push carts. Use the brake on hilly terrain. Don't ask because you can put two and two together and figure out the result. lol
Does your wife have a sister?     You did good, you held off and will wait for the fitted set.  
I think I have a few rewards bucks sitting around in an account somewhere on the internet.  I better start digging and use them on some FootJoys.  
 I think she'd make Rory forget about the Woz.  I don't mean that Apple guy either.  lol  
I agree. She was just watching the best golfer out there just like everybody else.
The only problem I see with it all is standing there waiting to get hit.  
I actually had two "best shots" of the week.     The first was on a 340 par 4 dog leg left.  Some pretty big trees are on the left off the tee so the green is totally out of view.  The usual is to hit straight or just left off the tee over a ravine into a nice sidehill landing area.  The second shot would be to stay a little to the right and kiss the roll off a bank onto the green and hope she doesn't go over the edge.  The backside of the green is woods about 15 ft....
Let's hope she buys some better outfits with the winnings than those dreadful thing-a-ma-jobs she has been sportin'.
You learn something everyday with this game. Thanks! Like I said, it was early and I should have been asleep. All it would have taken is for me to set the dvr up downstairs while heading off to bed. It would have been good tv watching in the afternoon. I can't say I'm a Poulter fan but did feel bad for the guy. I'm sure it will be on his list of "things not to do" while out making a living.
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