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Just one. Hit a pretty long drive for me on par 5 ninth. Not too bad 3w had me 130 from the green. Two total mishit slices had me 95 yards out. Sent the next intentionally into the woods with a beautiful 4 iron punch. Packed it in early and got out of there.
Yesterday, after just holing out from 80+ yards for my first eagle, I am ready to hit on the downhill par 3. I proceeded to take a divot with my 8 iron that any bald man would be proud to wear. The ball dribbled down over the hill about 30 yards and the start of the divot was 6 inches behind the ball. Welcome back to reality eagle boy.
You will probably want some clarification from him on what he actually means when he's talking about golf and dropping a deuce.
I have thrown another batch of rounds at this elusive barrier.  They are a mix of walking nine and riding 18.  The rounds are a 51, 52, 115 (54/61) new course-should have quit first hole-flu bug put me down after it was over, 117 trying out some swing things, still trying the swing things for the rest - 47, 54, 46,  same day driver lesson and a 104 (48/56) and 105 (48/57).  I'm all swung out today!  The last round had me getting an eagle on a par 4 so I don't care if I put...
I just got done playing a few hours ago.   I'm glad I got another 18 in today because I finally did it.   The hole is listed as a par 4 at 245 yards.  It doglegs to the left and up the hill.  The green probably cannot be driven the way the local rule is governed.  Well, at least not by my talents.  All tee shots must be to the right of a pole (to protect #4 green).  You lose a stroke flirting with trying to cut the corner too sharply.  I tee'd off with a nice easy driver...
 He might bury it like a cat. 
You know, there are these things called deer cams that will catch the elusive dumper. Somebody like that needs to have their nose rubbed in it when caught.
 Just a FYI, Binghamton Senators fan here.  Seen quite a few games up there.  Someday, I'd like to take a little longer trip to see the big boys play.   I would probably be a mini mob scene if he does pull it off.   Not to wish any ill will on anyone, he does have two big guns breathing down his neck.  I think one of those two will take the prize.  
I probably play 95% of my rounds alone.  The way I look at it is I don't want somebody looking over me while I'm getting my feet wet (so to speak).  In due time, I will look for playing partners more.  I just don't want to ruin their day when I get into a hacking routine.      I walked the back nine this morning.  I was the first out and left my little footprints in the dew all down the fairways.  I had a notion to make a big or HELP in one of the fairways that has the...
 Eight more to go Zach.
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