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Besides other ailments, one that is annoying is "stinging fingers" on both hands. The pinky and ring fingers hurt after the first drive. I have tried stretching and hitting pitches and chips before heading out on the course. I have tried looser grip pressure and doing warmups by doing slow swings or just letting the club weight suspend on the fingers. I'm a righty and it seems to be worse with the right hand. As I'm heading up to hit my second, it is like those two...
I don't get The Golf Channel so I had to go to You Tube.  I watched two of them and they are pretty annoying.    Let's hope they become extinct like the Suckasaurus. 
  My 8i is my go to 115 yard club.  God, I really do suck! 
 Newsflash:  Tiger is human.  He grabs an area of his body that hurts. 
   It also measures club head speed so you get smash factor figured in. 
 A bet that has no endgame is hereby rendered null and void.
I have a Black Lab headcover for my driver. I think it is from Daphne's. It is easy to get on and off and has not come off on it's own. I probably should get a Chihuahua the way I hit my driver sometimes.
I just went through a few screens with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge (Windows 10) and everything looks good except the typical yardage's text on the right hand side is a little garbled like is shown above.  The "Long" shows on everyone. 
If it helps some of you, we'll say you got a hole in one too.  
 Congrats!  Now do it again and again.......   I took over a week off without even touching a club.  Letting my body rest a little and heal up.  I must have slept weird and my neck, shoulder blades, and back would hurt like hell when moved a certain way.  I'm sure swinging a club would not have been the best medicine.  Must also learn not to sleep with air conditioning on in buttoned up room.  I'm debating on getting into the second flight division of the club...
New Posts  All Forums: