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That right there is funny. I've been offered plenty of advice. Most was needed but I do get a kick out of someone who is basically in the same boat as me telling me how to shape the shot on this hole. I'm just trying to keep it real then they proceed to duck hook one in the woods on the very next stroke.
I did not see Antigua items listed at Dick's Sporting Goods when I did a quick search on my phone. The jackets look the same as they had a few years back when I took them up on the offer. My last few times out this year was 42 degrees and windy. The jacket was perfect with just a short sleeved cotten golf shirt underneath.
It is a Bridgestone one.  I just searched on the deal and one came up for Golfsmith.   The jackets are pretty nice with a zippered pocket on the chest and a open pouch type on the inside lining. 
Just a heads up if anyone is about to purchase some Bridgestone B330 series golf balls for the holiday season.  I just stopped into Dick's Sporting Goods and did the "Buy 2 and get a Free Antiqua Jacket Offer".  The jackets come in red, black, and royal blue with a Bridgestone emblem on it.  I did this a few years ago and got a red one.  It came in pretty handy in the colder temps and even got rained on one time.  Time for me to get the blue one this time out.  I think the...
The last time I was in the pro shop at the club I purchased a pair of FootJoy WinterSof gloves.  They are mostly black and it also came with a tee that fits on the outside of the glove.  I threw them in the bag just in case the one glove routine doesn't cut it.  
I picked up some Titleist BV spin milled 52 & 56 degree wedges last night.  Probably will have to wait a few months before getting them out on the course.  
I played 9 holes yesterday in 42 degree weather.  It wasn't too windy so it made it pretty comfortable.  No ball caps for me when the weather is like that.  I hate having cold ears so the knit hat was a must.  I have a pair of FJ winter gloves but only used the regular glove and kept the other in my pocket when riding around.  It was 38 today and I was going to go out but backed off because the winds were a little too brisk for my taste.  
Maybe Tiger is setting an example for the "shirt tucked in" rule for the course even if it's under construction.  
 Hi Caroline.  
Chalk me up for a zero.   I drove the green on a dogleg left 340 yard Par 4.  The ball was 10 feet past the hole and I missed the putt by an inch and it rolled a foot and a half past.  The birdie putt was a nail biter because it spun around the lip.  I wouldn't call it frustrating because I was happy for the bird.  They don't come too often.  
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