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I am going to read through some of the faq's and see if other problems like mine are addressed.  If nothing comes of it I will send off an email.  I could also try the phone app but the thought of dragging that in and out of my pocket is not something I look forward too.  I think the first time I plugged the unit in it upgraded its software.  I just plugged it back in and it has the following for version numbers.     Software Version   Firmware Version...
I've come to the conclusion that this unit or system is not accurate at all.  Maybe it is the area and reception problems, who knows.  It was blue skies with scattered clouds when I teed off.  There is way too much editing by moving shots around.  Some are on the opposite side of the fairways and greens.  It posted two shot in the middle of the highway.  I don't see how this could ever be used for accurate distances when you have to move things around that much when you...
 That was nice of them.  I'm sure the mowers have made a meal of them by this time.  Mine seemed to screw in pretty hard with the Golf Pride Tour Wraps but I put a tiny little dab of silicon on them just in case.  The first one I did was overkill and needed a major cleanup.   I try to be careful laying clubs down around the green or putting them back in the bag without dropping them.  I guess a lot of them just come flying off on the swing. I have had my Game Golf unit...
 I heard them say, "the young Jordan Spieth" a little while ago.  From the looks of it, I'd say a little over 21 years old.  
I hope it puts some more fire in Tiger's game.
 Maybe this question should have been asked, "If Sergio and Tiger were fighting in the parking lot, who would you help?" I'd let them duke it out.  
   Here you go. http://www.masters.com/en_US/news/articles/2015-04-10/saturdays_featured_groups.html
 Texans would still say they are bigger.  
  Palmer did the same shot earlier but his just caught the very edge of the fringe before heading back towards the hole.  I thought JB's was way too much going that far in but damn, they are circus shots.  Once it picked up steam I knew it was in.  He also has a weird looking swing.    
JB with a sick shot, just plain sick.  
New Posts  All Forums: