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 Good God, TaylorMade will have 5 versions before the years out. 
 I have the VR_S Covert 2.0 set that came with a 4i-9i, PW, and A wedges.  The lofts were stronger than my older clubs so I picked up some SM5 Vokey wedges of different lofts trying to get some kind of handle on the gap differences.  I was using a 9i-46-50/52-56 and sometimes a 60 but that was in and out of the bag when I wanted a 5w in there.  It also was a hit or miss affair when using the lob wedge.  That could also be said about the woods too.  I eventually picked up...
I have put in a couple of rounds in the last few days.  Still doing 9 holes and walked all but one of them.  I did get out to a par 3 course to dial in some distances for 5 rounds.  The greens are pretty funky, small, and not really a good measure for one's putting skills.  They are really bumpy and the ball is doing all kinds of things that are not in your favor.  The first day I only did 9 and got a +20.  I was right, left, and short most of the time.  Had some bad hits...
 I have to enter what tee I played from but the course rating information is already listed beside each color.  The only one that is not listed is a par 3 course and I have already sent a request in to have the par rating entered.  I have know idea about the rating of it.  I think if you send a picture of the scorecard from your course they can have the information entered and it will always show when you select what tee you played from that day.  They are really quick...
Would one of those super duper lob wedges get you out of there?  
Coming from a high handicapper, mine would be frustration.  When it gets too bad, I walk off.  I've done it many times.  Sometimes, I have no business being out there. 
 I think that Judah Ben-Hur character is a pretty cool cat.  Also, let's not forget that he gave Messala a drubbing for the ages.  Nothing has even come close since then for the kind of ass kicking that was dished out on that day.  
I think mine are shredded up and used in hamster cages. 
Count me in too.  I've been a fan and still will be even after the little celebration.    Closet twerkers!   In a couple gyrations, Michelle made them all fighting for second place. 
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