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Got my tickets for Sunday and will be there with some friends. My first ever tour event!  Anyone have any suggestions on making the experience as good as possible?
Horrific round. Hurt my wrist on the first swing and struggled the rest of the morning. Sent from my HTC EVO using tapatalk.
Yuck.Sent from my HTC EVO using tapatalk.
Love the suggestions guys. I will let you know how I approach this! Sent from my HTC EVO using tapatalk.
This. I hate going to the course only to find out the greenskeeper had a fight with his wife last night and placed the pin on the side of Mount Everest. I don't like leaving a ball inches from the pin, only to have it roll back to my feet. It feels like the last hole at Bozo's Clown Extravaganza Mini Golf where you have to hit the ball up a ramp into the clown's mouth or it rolls back at you. I also hate any hole with a 90 degree turn in it. If I half to "lay up"...
When my wife was learning to play, my cousins girlfriend was giving her a swing tip. During the backswing my wifes club hit her on the side of the face. Scary at first, then we laughed it off. Some of you guys have seen some crazy stuff!
I have a family member who basically plays from the fairway every hole, because he kicks his ball out or just drops from there. It doesn't bother me until we get to the end of the round and he says he "beat" me by a stroke.
I practiced with this extensively over the past 1.5 weeks or so. I have seen a big improvement in consistently hitting the ball well and hitting it where I want to go. I know one of my major problems was a takeaway that was too straight back. I feel because of this, my right arm was separating from my body. I also noticed another amazing thing. Increased distance with my irons and driver. I find myself being able to use my body more to swing rather than my arms. I...
I forgot to mention, there is no range at this course. There is a putting/chipping area.
Well tomorrow I have a crazy early tee time (by most peoples standards, I am usually at the office at this time during the week) at 6:27AM. I didn't know courses had such early times, but apparently the Mountainview Course in Morgantown does. How do you guys prepare your bodies to be ready to go at such early times? I'm a slow starter anyway (usually take 3 or so holes before I feel good). Your thoughts, and any advice you can offer to my humble game would be...
New Posts  All Forums: