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What he is referring to is called "tilt-shift".    Google it. 
I think there are a few people here who don't know the different between "egocentrism" and "egotistical"
  The name of the tournament is "The Open Championship". It was the first of the majors, so it didn't need to specify. Americans call it "The British Open" sometimes because we are so egocentric about ourselves.
I, personally, would yell out things such as "YOLO!" or "SWAG!". 
I'd buy this      
Give it time. You'll adjust. What did you expect after 1 day?
I'm playing in alumni band day at Texas Tech. I'll get to see the opening game fo' FREE. Can't wait.
Dustin Johnson -9 Padraig Harrington -11 Zach Johnson -14
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