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I have an old set of Ram TW Grind blades that are very short toe-to-heel.  I bought them at a flea market and break them out every now and again to practice with.
Chicken wings... and I don't even have to think twice. 
That thing's so ugly, the moths wouldn't even eat it.
 Or are they?  One was wearing Auburn shorts.  Par for the course.
Mine did the same thing when I tried to throw a banana peel away.  Seriously. Doctor says that it's most likely an annular tear.  I've been dealing with the same thing for decades.  I had x-rays about fifteen years ago and was told it was just muscular, but this doctor said he had the same thing, and he had an MRI that confirmed his was an annular tear.  It is so incapacitating because the annulus around the disc material is chock full of nerves, so the pain is intense.  I...
Johnny Miller's in June of 1973.
Way to go.  My only home in one came when I hit a Noodle, so I didn't get a bag tag.
http://www.si.com/vault/1979/04/23/823571/the-key-to-the-case-is-missing-even-now-no-one-can-say-whether-kenny-stabler-was-involved-when-cocaine-in-a-key-case-was-used-to-set-up-a-sportswriter-for-a-drug-bust   This may have played a part in it as well.  Personally, as an Alabama alum, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame.  He certainly did more to earn it than Namath did.  If the Jets lose to the Colts in Super Bowl III, he certainly gets nowhere near the Hall. 
 Not defending the National Enquirer, but this kind of story really isn't their thing.  They focus on the foibles of the rich and famous; sort of like a TMZ before Al Gore invented the internet.  My gut tells me it's going to wind up being true, based simply on his track record, and her thirst for the spotlight.
 I second this.  If I wanted to lose every ball that didn't land in the fairway, I'd go play courses with water in play on every shot.  When I first started playing back in the early 1990s, it was at the University of Alabama's Harry Pritchett Golf Course.  There were a few areas where the vegetation would swallow an errant shot, but, by and large, a ball that went into the woods could be found and played from the pine straw.
New Posts  All Forums: