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  Above is the posted fee structure for a semi-private club here in the metro Atlanta area.  I was in a conversation the other day with a couple of guys, and one of them said that this particular club was running a deal where they are waiving the initiation fee altogether and signing people up for $30 a month.  That allows you to play several courses in the area as well, and pay only for the cart.  Sadly, this seems to fall in line with what you are saying.
I really chuckled at the "environmental" concern raised because of development.  If only they were as concerned about the fact that China burns more coal than the rest of the world combined.
Funny you said this.  I was at the Greater Gwinnett Championship yesterday, and Monty got onto one of the marshals for being where he could see him during his backswing.  He wasn't as rude as you described about it, but I thought it was sort of uncalled for.  The guy was just standing there with his "Hush Y'all" sign up.  It wasn't like he was waving it around.
3 Hybrid 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron Pitching Wedge Gap Wedge 56 Degree Wedge Putter   Well over half the bag.
I remember Couples was the subject of an instructional article about his "loop lob" in Golf Magazine in probably 1993 or 1994.  It was an exaggerated outside path on the backswing that forced an inside path on the way down.  I used the pattern for a while with a bit of success until my brain got in the way.
Shot an 83 (on a par 61) today.  The course was sopping wet, and I haven't played in forever, so I was kind of pleased.  Had one birdie, several putts for birdie, and just a couple of blow-ups.  Didn't hit the new driver well, but I just bought it yesterday.  Putted alright, but the greens were horribly inconsistent.  One was dirt that had been spray painted green.  Seriously.
Went to the PGA Tour Superstore to buy a hat - which they didn't have - and walked out with a slightly used Ping G25 for $105.  When I went to Golfsmith to buy the hat - which they had - and saw that they had several marked $230 and up.
TaylorMade 200 Steel
I have to second the Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama.  Very affordable, excellent golf, and as a bonus, excellent barbecue joints.
Been away from the forums for a while, getting a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a new job as a seventh grade Social Studies teacher.
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