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Wicked CAUGHT!  
http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8551210/ncaa-graduation-rates-improving-football-basketball   Alabama's graduation rate is 75%.  That is roughly ten percent higher than the average for all students in the United States according to the government.  That's also 18% higher than USC's graduation rate.
  Actually, if the holding takes place in the end zone, it's a safety.  However, the play can't be blown dead just because holding occurred.  Excellent strategy by the Ravens.
  Actually... Manti Te'o is dating Elin... according to his father, Brian Te'o. 
  Actually, it probably will.  Teams do an incredible amount research on the guys that they are looking to spend tens of millions of dollars on, and if this plays out as I think it will, no one is going to take a risk on him.  He'll definitely drop out of the first round.
  Those are cold hard opinions... of one guy who calls himself a "potentate of pigskin".
  As a lifelong Bucs fan I can assure you that Steve Young's awfulness in Tampa Bay had more to do with the organization and the cast around him than it did with him.  I have no doubt that having Montana as a mentor helped him develop, but Steve Young at his worst > Tim Tebow at his best.
I saw Stewart Cink drive out of Sugarloaf the other day while waiting to pick up my daughter.  If I hadn't, I would not have been sure he still existed.  
  This.   And... Tebow has a wind up that makes Byron Leftwich look like Dan Marino.
To hit a draw, aim your feet where you want the ball to start and your clubface where you want the ball to finish.  
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