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  Alabama's one loss is better than Kansas State's because the Wildcats lost to an unranked Baylor team with a sieve for a defense that had given up 70 to a mediocre West Virginia team.   The Oregon loss to Stanford is probably a wash, but the fact that the Ducks routinely get skunked by the one team a year that they play who actually has a pulse on defense.  This season it was Stanford.  Last year it was LSU.  The year before that, it was a mediocre - by SEC standards -...
I have two sets.   TaylorMade 200 - main set Ram TW Grind blades - practice/ball striking improvement
Played Heritage Golf Links on Sunday.  Shot 100.  Brutal.  
It was Tuesday... I shot a 97 at Bear's Best in Atlanta.  First time I've been on a golf course since August, and with the arrival of the triplets on October 20th, it was the first time I've had a club in my hands in a couple of months.  Fought a nasty push all day, but was money with the driver.  Hit over 70% of the fairways, but only hit two greens.  And, the push tended to put me into some nasty spots near the greens... awkward hanging lies and short sided.  Contact...
  Gary Danielson was saying the exact same thing.  In fact, he said that A&M's defense looked tired at one point and wondered why we weren't running right at them.
  Actually, we ran the ball 26 times and attempted to pass it 39 times. McCarron's "rushes" were not planned rushes.  That's a 40/60 split, and that is why we lost.  Our first scoring drive - if memory serves - was eight rushes versus four passes.  Our second scoring drive was virtually all through the air.  Manziel's rushes were mostly designed rushes... McCarron's were decidedly not.  He's nursing knee and back injuries, so I am pretty certain he doesn't feature in our...
  Mettenberger is a hot mess.  I think we are seeing why Mark Richt let him walk away from Athens so easily.
  You're welcome.   My point is that Ole Miss - even while getting throttled by Texas - looked a helluva lot better than they have in the past couple of years under Nutt.  Those teams had a whole lot of quit in 'em.  Their offense is much improved and their defense is light years ahead of where they were last year... which was basically like running against a defense in non-contact practice.   BTW... I hope y'all jump all over West Virginia this week.  I'm sick of the...
  LSU - 12 Auburn - 10   LSU - 38 Towson - 22   That last one is an FCS school, and they struggled mightily.  Ole Miss seems to be improving.  LSU seems to be regressing and playing down to their opponents.  If Ole Miss can jam LSU up at the line of scrimmage, I'm not sure that Mettenberger can make them pay for it.  Oh yeah, and UTEP gave Oklahoma all they could handle.
  I'd driven 30 minutes - my friend had driven further - and didn't really know where else to go.  Just looked at it as a long game practice session.  Another of the local courses nearer me has done the same thing, but they did shut it down.  However, they hadn't let it get this bad.
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