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 Yeah... but... his 5 Keys were made possible by his obsessive practice schedule.  My point was more about the fact that the whole Natural Golf thing was built around it being so easy, with Moe Norman as the poster-child.  The hook was that it was such an easy pattern to replicate, when in reality, he worked tirelessly to craft and refine his swing.
Moe Norman's swing worked because he hit more balls in an afternoon than most of us hit in a lifetime.  That's why his swing was automatic. He was a machine.
1. How many courses have you played? Obviously this can be an estimate if you're not as anal as I am and keep track of this stuff. 40. 2. How many states/countries does that cover? Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maine, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 3. Do you collect anything from each course you visit? Mental scars.
 When someone mentions a 12 step program, the first thought that enters your mind is, "Which direction?  'Cause that's a whole club either way."
When I was younger, and had just started playing, I was definitely "Rage Monster."  My bag was a disparate mess of clubs because I had broken so many.  Now I'm more of a "Mood Swing" guy.
Golf can also be a way to pay for college.  Granted, this was told to me back in 2008 or 2009 - so it's old, second hand information - but a colleague of mine was told that universities were giving out scholarships left and right by the girls' golf coach at her daughter's high school.  Due to Title IX, golf scholarships for females were plentiful,and a girl that could shoot in the high 70s (and even low 80s) could find herself on scholarship at a school that wasn't really...
The Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine.  http://www.greatlostbear.com/images/menu/menu4.pdf   The Almighty Cheesus.  No bun... no Texas Toast... they put it between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  And, if you don't think your heart will stop there, you can add a fried egg to it for good measure. 
That is awesome news.  I'll definitely be going to the Greater Gwinnett Championship again next year if Daly is there.
 My only ace had a witness, but we didn't see the ball drop.  The hole was a little uphill, with a false front, and I thought it was a bit short.  When we got up to the green, I saw the pitch mark, but no ball.  It actually took a few seconds of me looking around before I even dared to peek into the cup.
New Posts  All Forums: