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Downhill 15 footer with about two feet of break on an aerated green for par.  Center of the cup.  It was better than the fifteen footer for birdie on one.
 Honestly, I think a lot of the confidence that he had previously was due to the screwing around.  Not all of it... but I really think that he had a heightened sense of invincibility that crumbled when he lost to Yang and had his sexual exploits laid bare.  When he was getting away with the double life, I think it gave him a little extra edge mentally.  Most of us - myself included - probably thought, "how could he focus while leading a double life?"  However, for him, I...
 He's not in danger of shooting in the 90s ONLY because he will withdraw with an "injury" if it looks like it's getting that bad. He's never played a competitive round at Chambers Bay. He shot an 85 on a course where he's won five times.I'll take the over.
 This.  If I get a 4 or 5 iron on the green - or even close by - I'm happy as a shit eatin' dog in a barnyard.
 I find it therapeutic.
Shot 86 from the whites at Sugar Hill Golf Club.  45 on the front and 41 on the back.  Was two over on the back until I blew up with an eight on the par five 18th.  Birdied the first hole and chipped in for a birdie on 11.  Ever since I've gotten the sway out of my swing, my misses aren't messes.  I laid sod over a seven iron laying up from a severe downhill lie, but that was my only really bad mishit.  I feel much more confident over the ball now, and I feel like if I...
 Yep... you're pretty much right on the money.  If you practice or play with a solid swing, that swing will become ingrained and more "natural."  Likewise, if you continue to swing inefficiently, with all sorts of funky moving parts, you will be stuck with this swing. My problem is the lack of time that I am able to devote to either practice or playing, so I haven't developed a consistent swing.
Shutter speed!
This makes me so happy!
Picked up a Tad Moore Pro-1X putter. 
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