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  I think we're safe.  24 - 0 in the second quarter and we've got the ball at midfield.  Yeldon is a beast.
It would mess up the swingweight of the club it is attached to.  You'd be better off designing some sort of combo ball teeing device/ball retriever.    You'd also be better off if you weren't an Auburn fan.
  True.  Lightning in Tampa is no joke... except for the hockey team! *rimshot*   It is plentiful, and doesn't need a dark, ominous cloud to be present.  Some dude jogging on Bayshore got struck and killed a few years ago out of the clear blue sky.
  In all honesty, y'all are probably better off without him.  He made splash plays against teams that played fast and loose with the ball, but he was a liability in coverage.
  Being 6' 5" makes you all seem like a bunch of midgets to me!
  This.   I used to be really plagued by fat and thin shots because of a pronounced sway in my backswing, but since going SnT, it doesn't happen as much.  It still does when I don't get my hips forward, but I'm working that out.
  I think he's in the military, so he's probably going to be stationed at MacDill.  As a native Tampan (24 of us makes a box) there are a ton of options golf wise, because of the proximity to Pinellas County as well.  And, if you are military, MacDill's course is pretty nice.  I knew a guy in the Air Force and I got to play with him a couple of decades ago, and I was pretty impressed.  As someone else pointed out, if you've got the cojones to play in the dead heat of...
It was my 60° wedge, but that has been pulled.  
Phoenix in July is any score above 100. The Sahara in July is any score above 125. Room temperature on the front means you'll probably be better off to stop counting strokes on the back.  
  I know.  The point I was trying to make was that someone could literally pick up a golf club for the first time and be a PGA professional in only a few years. 
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