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A buddy of mine started playing golf in the mid-nineties and before Y2K he was a PGA professional, so yeah, it can be done.  
  For the high handicapper, the long game is definitely the place that needs the most practice.  Turning three strokes into two isn't really as important when you've already burned five or six on your way to the green.  If you top your drive to the ladies tee, chunk your three wood into the fairway, smother-top your hybrid into the woods, hack your fourth into the fairway and still have 150 left to the front edge, your short game isn't really going to bail you out. ...
I bet Tiger provided the "entertainment".  
Shot a disappointing 91 on a very disappointing course... see the "Worst Courses Played" thread for pictures of the horrific greens.  Shot 42 on the "front" (Par 34/5510/65.6/117) nine but then blew up with a 49 on the back.  I've been fighting a cold all week, so I think I got a little weak as the round went on.  I had two doubles on the front, but had four... along with an ugly triple to start the back.  On the 360 yard par four 14th I wasted two fantastic drives. ...
Well, I played another shithole.  Countryland Golf Club in Cumming Georgia has the worst greens I've ever played.  Sadly, these must have been the "better" greens, since the front was closed so that they could be reseeded with Bermuda.  The guy who took my $29 - a "discounted" rate - told me that the "heat got 'em".  Really?  Are you sure it wasn't the piss poor maintenance?  Anyway, we had to play the back nine twice, and the greens were virtually un-puttable.  Several...
I suffer from lower back pain every now and again.  It can definitely make you walk as if favoring one leg.  At times, it can force me to drag my right leg behind me like Igor.   
  He was the angry ranger yelling at him in his backswing.
Look... the doping stuff is all BS.  Lance's real advantage is the single testicle.  It's much easier to pedal in those tight pants with only one nut.  
Bob Tway actually won all of those events.  Brocks and Turtleback must be at Bethpage watching the Barclays, because surely they would have known that.    When it comes to individual sports, "major" events define a career.  People remember who wins the Indianapolis 500 or Daytona 500 more than who wins at Milwaukee or Martindale.  
I have my oldest daughter's golf clubs that I have bought her over the years, and I'll take one out every now and again to work on positions.  They are real clubs, so they have a good bit of weight to them and they feel "right" as I make various swings.  
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