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There are times when I've found myself clenching my jaw and had to take a moment to relax at the range.    If I still can't relax, I take off my pants.  
      LOL... I read that as seven inches.  Perhaps I need to have my eyes checked.
  While you may be right about the increased drag of the water, I also agree with WUTiger.  If the ball is only partially submerged, you can judge its actual location a lot easier.
  So they parked within seven inches of your door, leaving themselves seven inches to get out of their own car in an otherwise empty parking lot?      Please pardon my skepticism.
  I punched a shot into a tree so hard it wound up about 50 yards behind me on the opposite side of the fairway.  Six inches to the right and I'm probably putting for a birdie.
Very few people remember who won the Shearson Lehman Brothers Andy Williams Open, Manufacturers Hanover Westchester Classic or Georgia-Pacific Atlanta Golf Classic in 1986.   Everyone remembers who won the PGA Championship in 1986.
  What you had written made me think of a course I played up there last summer.  A buddy of mine was turning 40, and we played golf at a course that a friend of his was the superintendent at near Cincinnati.  His situation was basically what you described... he took a glorified cow pasture and had begun to create an actual golf course.   On topic... the OP is ridiculous.  You can't make an "executive decision" that violates the rule of virtually every golf course on the...
  Are you near Cincinnati?
  The thumb sucking is the one I do not understand at all.
Stand downrange about 300 yards or directly behind the green and you'll probably get a signed glove.   
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