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  Actually, we ran the ball 26 times and attempted to pass it 39 times. McCarron's "rushes" were not planned rushes.  That's a 40/60 split, and that is why we lost.  Our first scoring drive - if memory serves - was eight rushes versus four passes.  Our second scoring drive was virtually all through the air.  Manziel's rushes were mostly designed rushes... McCarron's were decidedly not.  He's nursing knee and back injuries, so I am pretty certain he doesn't feature in our...
  Mettenberger is a hot mess.  I think we are seeing why Mark Richt let him walk away from Athens so easily.
  You're welcome.   My point is that Ole Miss - even while getting throttled by Texas - looked a helluva lot better than they have in the past couple of years under Nutt.  Those teams had a whole lot of quit in 'em.  Their offense is much improved and their defense is light years ahead of where they were last year... which was basically like running against a defense in non-contact practice.   BTW... I hope y'all jump all over West Virginia this week.  I'm sick of the...
  LSU - 12 Auburn - 10   LSU - 38 Towson - 22   That last one is an FCS school, and they struggled mightily.  Ole Miss seems to be improving.  LSU seems to be regressing and playing down to their opponents.  If Ole Miss can jam LSU up at the line of scrimmage, I'm not sure that Mettenberger can make them pay for it.  Oh yeah, and UTEP gave Oklahoma all they could handle.
  I'd driven 30 minutes - my friend had driven further - and didn't really know where else to go.  Just looked at it as a long game practice session.  Another of the local courses nearer me has done the same thing, but they did shut it down.  However, they hadn't let it get this bad.
I love it when Alabama can sleep-walk through a conference game and still win by three scores.   Also... LSU and Mississippi State better watch out.  That ain't Houston Nutt's Ole Miss Rebels anymore.  Hugh Freeze has got the Rebels playing some inspired football.  
The issues that I have with the replacement referees is that they are going to get someone killed.  During the Ravens v. Eagles game a pass was knocked down, and the back judge is signaling that it's a tipped ball while it's rolling around on the ground and players - in an already chippy game - were trying to kill each other to get it.  Blow the damn whistle. Oh, and it's like Stevie Wonder is spotting the ball.  
  Not quite.  Y'all look a couple of years away depth-wise.
  Now you have... nice to meet you.  I have the natural - read unpracticed - ability to sit down and sketch pretty much anything.  I am a ringer when it comes to Pictionary.  Do I get better when I practice?  Of course I do.  However, I have an innate ability that allows me to draw better than most people on the planet.
I holed a fifteen foot putt for par once.   True story.  
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