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  Now you have... nice to meet you.  I have the natural - read unpracticed - ability to sit down and sketch pretty much anything.  I am a ringer when it comes to Pictionary.  Do I get better when I practice?  Of course I do.  However, I have an innate ability that allows me to draw better than most people on the planet.
I holed a fifteen foot putt for par once.   True story.  
I don't know which is funnier... Auburn losing to Mississippi State by eighteen or Arkansas losing to ULM in overtime.    Funnier still, Auburn gets ULM next Saturday.  
  Hahahaha.  I just told my family that Modell had died and my wife asked who he was and I explained what he had done to the people of Cleveland and that there probably would be a lot of people who would not mourn - but celebrate - his passing.   Thank you for not disappointing me.   RTR... Roll Tide Roll and Run Trent Run.
  Me too... my Rosie O'Donnell's have become Christina Aguileras as of late.
Alabama's offensive line is living up to the hype.  Alabama's running backs racked up 172 yards before contact.  That means that they were an average of four and a half yards past the line of scrimmage before Michigan's defense laid a hand on them.  Speaking of running backs, T.J. Yeldon is the real deal.  It's going to be a very good year.  
I'm so ashamed.  We gave up a touchdown.
  I think we're safe.  24 - 0 in the second quarter and we've got the ball at midfield.  Yeldon is a beast.
It would mess up the swingweight of the club it is attached to.  You'd be better off designing some sort of combo ball teeing device/ball retriever.    You'd also be better off if you weren't an Auburn fan.
  True.  Lightning in Tampa is no joke... except for the hockey team! *rimshot*   It is plentiful, and doesn't need a dark, ominous cloud to be present.  Some dude jogging on Bayshore got struck and killed a few years ago out of the clear blue sky.
New Posts  All Forums: