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If space is an issue, you can use a child's club to replicate your full swing and see what your clubface is doing as you swing.  
  I agree completely with this.  A roar for a great shot is fine.  Yelling something stupid to be heard on television is the same distraction as a camera or a cellphone, especially when the jackasses jump the gun and yell it before impact.
  Only if he was playing directly into the wind.  The way he's hitting his scoring clubs, he may have wound up on a different golf course with a tailwind.
Big boy drinking pants.
  Much as the rest of this thread, this has now changed.  Total wins... yes.  Major wins, Rory is now ahead of Tiger based on age.
  This is exactly what I'm thinking every time I see him airmail an approach shot over the green.  I heard someone mention that on the range everything seems to be fine and dialed in, but on the course it's not.  That makes me think that it's something mental.   It's not just his putting.  He's putting too much pressure on his putting because he's missing greens with clubs that he used to stick close.  Missed eight footers for birdie don't resonate nearly as much as...
Big M Country Club in Calera, Alabama.  Back in 2001, I was traveling on business with my boss and we were driving up through the center of Alabama.  We stopped at Capitol Hill in Montgomery, but he was too cheap to play there.  We kept driving and found this place.  It is literally a cow pasture bordering woods.  Read all about it here: http://www.nighthawkpublications.com/journal/journal005.htm   A shot in the fairway was no guarantee that you would find your...
It also doesn't help that Omega - not Rolex - is the official timekeeper and they have a single, crappy ad.  
  How about May and Walsh?  Three gold medals in three games, and only one dropped set.    Heiden has to be on any list simply based on what Boogielicious posted.  What goes for Emil goes for Bolt as well.
Well, Usain Bolt has rendered this discussion moot by not just declaring himself the greatest Olympian, but the greatest athlete of all time.  
New Posts  All Forums: