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Here's your plan: Get a USGA handicap of 0.0 or better. Qualify for the U.S. Amateur or U.S. Public Links Championship. Win U.S. Amateur or U.S. Public Links Championship. Get Masters invitation. Make cut at Masters. Win Masters. Use status from Masters win to become a PGA Tour professional. Win a lot of tournaments on the PGA Tour to get highly ranked. Book tickets to Rio. Don't have too much sex in the Olympic Village to sap...
  Here's a solution.  When they say something about driving distance, say this:  "You think that's impressive?  Watch how far past your drivers I hit my four iron!"   And then grab your crotch.
  First off, the music sounds very similar at the beginning to the much cooler Rolex ads.  Second, you can't afford a second friggin' ad? 
Too bad he hit that gap wedge almost as far on the third.
  Right to left helping.  Still, it was the bomb-diggity.
  From what I've heard, he was just trying to get high enough to cover Kevin Norwood.
  If it's all about ratings and advertising dollars, why are they showing water polo instead of the women's soccer gold medal final?  Not just any final, but a rematch of the World Cup final.  The ratings on your premium channels that are only offered on certain cable or satellite networks aren't nearly as important as the ratings on your broadcast network. 
  Oil wrestling with the US Women's Soccer team? 
... ass through a bendy-straw.   We don't have NBC Sports Network, so I haven't seen a lick of women's soccer.    Have seen a shit-ton of water polo and have been watching the same exact events from the decathlon for the second time today.  I'm glad that the Americans are dominating the event, but I don't need to see our top guy throw the discus poorly twice in a day.  As much as I'm looking forward to golf in the Rio Olympics in four years, I can only imagine...
What gets me is that Peter Kostis doesn't know that he isn't fooling us with that horrible rug.   I generally just watch the slow-motion swings and tune out the jibber-jabber.
New Posts  All Forums: