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Ye speaketh the truth.
I played from the whites the other day, but it was because two of the players I was playing with were >36 handicaps. It was nice having short irons into pretty much everything, but I hit into trouble on several occasions because I'd driven it through the fairway.
So I should just stop drooling over the AP2s, pull the trigger and pick up ten yards? I hit my 690.CB 7 iron about 150-155 yards.
Yes.A Hogan H40 4 iron from around that era had a loft of 26º. A current TaylorMade Burner 4 iron has a loft of 21º. The H40's 3 iron had 23º of loft.
I checked the payoff on my car when I made the payment online this morning. Your weapons cache is worth more. :/
Only 260? Amateur. :p
No love for the VAS 792s?
Hit a five iron and tell the guys I'm playing with that I hit a seven?
If you don't get help at Charter... get help somewhere.I have a Ping Anser 4 that I bought used about 15 years ago. Prior to that, I had a heel shafted Titleist Bulls-Eye. That's all I've ever used, other than some old hand-me-down putter when I first started playing.I did buy a Peach Putter by Tad Moore a few years ago on a whim, but I've never used it on the course.
Could be one of those sickening "naturals". I had a friend in college that started tagging along with us to the golf course, and within a month, he was whipping us like rented mules. He eventually became a PGA teaching professional.
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