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I agree with most of the people... it needs to be a full eighteen. The other day, I shot 37 on the front (par 35) and if I'd walked off the course at that point, I could have claimed a 74 - which would have been the first time I'd ever broken 80 - but I shot a 48 on the back.
bwdial = Bradley Wayne Dial Creative... I know.
I chew them off.
There was a pitch and putt near me in Oxford, AL that has recently closed down. It's a city owned recreational facility, and they are planning to build more baseball fields on the site.
I shot one under my age on the front nine (37) the other day.
I have a narrow, open stance and I fan the blade a little open in my backswing. I have a simple, conventional right hand low grip with my left thumb down the front of the shaft. My right hand is perpendicular to my left and I hold the shaft in my right palm a little like a hammer. I play the ball off of my left heel and have a slight forward press. My wrists only get involved on long lag putts. I've tried the square stance, pendulum stroke, but it just felt unnatural...
A head butt? Springfield, MA is soft. I think it was at Mystery Valley Golf Club in Lithonia, (near Atlanta) GA a few years ago where it went way beyond "physical", and guns were pulled out of bags.
Nope. They're pretty much on the mark.I was at a driving range in Tampa years ago and this twenty-something guy comes up with a brand new bag of Callaway gear and his hot little girlfriend in tow. My first thought was that maybe this guy was a Tour pro, but then I saw him swing. It was like watching a monkey try and screw a football.
Get an old style (no flange) Bullseye putter. I'm drawing a blank on the name, but there was a guy on Tour who used to putt from either side of the ball. For right-to-left breakers, he'd putt right handed... on left-to-right breakers, he'd putt left handed.I'm actually not too bad from that side with a putter either.
38 years old. Been playing since I was 20.
New Posts  All Forums: