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It really depends on the skill of the golfer. High handicappers probably should focus on their long game initially. I played with a couple of guys the other day who made extremely inconsistent contact in the long game, so they had already burned five to seven strokes before they had gotten on the green. At that point, Seve's short game wouldn't have helped. Had they been able to hit the ball 175 yards off the tee and keep it on, or near the fairway, and get it near the...
Maybe the heat was having a greater effect on you physically. I know that sometimes when it's really hot out, my arms feel heavy and rubbery. I don't think that hot weather has nearly the effect on the distance a ball travels as cold weather does.
I played Fantasia several years ago, and it will definitely humble you. There's a mini-golf course up near Duluth, outside of Atlanta that is kind of similar, though nowhere near as difficult. It's gotten a little run down over the years, but it's got the undulations and hazards. It is part of the Peachtree (imagine that in Atlanta) Golf Center, which also has a lit Par 3 course and driving range.
- More consistent contact with my irons - Break 80 - Consistently break 80
Mine usually go in the opposite direction. My last round was a two over 37 on the front with two birdies in a row (three total) followed by a 48 on the back.
Definitely underrated because of his length off the tee and his girth at the bar. Daly had/has a feather soft touch around the greens.Seve's definitely the best I've ever seen around the greens.
Pretty much straight. My trouble is that sometimes I don't transfer my weight and hit my irons fat... but they still go straight.
Everything is harder after a cruise... especially the cooking and cleaning up after yourself.
Big-M Golf Course south of Birmingham, AL. The fairways aren't very fair and the greens, while green, definitely make putting an adventure. When you can lose a ball in the fairway, you know the course leaves a bit to be desired, but it was run by some guy who just wanted his own golf course, so I guess I shouldn't really complain... and it was free.
What really concerned me at the A-Day game was our punting. I think special teams is going to be a real issue, since our kicker, punter (holder) and long snapper are all gone. If we need a 45 yard field goal, that a whole lot of inexperienced hands (and a foot) to deal with that pressure. Of course, with Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson in the backfield, perhaps we won't have to punt or kick field goals. :)
New Posts  All Forums: