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A head butt? Springfield, MA is soft. I think it was at Mystery Valley Golf Club in Lithonia, (near Atlanta) GA a few years ago where it went way beyond "physical", and guns were pulled out of bags.
Nope. They're pretty much on the mark.I was at a driving range in Tampa years ago and this twenty-something guy comes up with a brand new bag of Callaway gear and his hot little girlfriend in tow. My first thought was that maybe this guy was a Tour pro, but then I saw him swing. It was like watching a monkey try and screw a football.
Get an old style (no flange) Bullseye putter. I'm drawing a blank on the name, but there was a guy on Tour who used to putt from either side of the ball. For right-to-left breakers, he'd putt right handed... on left-to-right breakers, he'd putt left handed.I'm actually not too bad from that side with a putter either.
38 years old. Been playing since I was 20.
Firm. Putting is (usually) the strongest aspect of my game. I did four putt a hole the other day, but it was just a massive brain fart. I actually hit the first putt way too softly. Three footers coming back usually don't worry me too much.
When my heart stops pumping blood.
R9 Superdeep TP R9 TP 3 wood 710 CB - 3 - 6 iron 710 MB - 7 - PW 52-08 Tour Chrome 56-14 Tour Chrome 60-04 Tour Chrome Newport 2.7
Bionic. First one I've had, and I really like how it feels.
I love Par 3s and executive courses. I cut my teeth at Countryway in Tampa. It was a par 62 with tight fairways and some of the greens were about the size of our family room. A course like that is perfect for kids to learn the game on because the par fours on the course maxed out at around 325 yards, so they could be played as a par 5.
I had a fraternity brother who cheated like it was an integral part of the game. He sucked so bad that simply making contact with the ball was usually in doubt. The first hole of the course we usually played was a 530-550 yard par 5, which back in the early 1990s was a driver, three wood, short iron hole for me. Given my ability, the topped fairway wood or chunked wedge usually reared its ugly head at some point, and I'd usually card a six or seven. Of course, this guy...
New Posts  All Forums: