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One bourbon... one scotch... one beer. Let's play! Seriously though, I truss myself with my three iron and stretch rotationally. Sometimes I'll have my weighted club with me and I'll give that a few swings and then I hit some half and three-quarter wedges, and work my way up through the bag - just a couple of each - and then I head to the green for putting and chipping.
I think that Phil's inability to close the deal and take over the number one spot is indicative of the lack of competitiveness Tiger has faced. Palmer, Player, Watson or Trevino would simply not have needed more than four or five chances to take a faltering Nicklaus down.
If you employ a forward press in your putting stroke, you'll want a putter with less offset (Newport 1.5). If you don't employ much of a forward press in your stroke, you'll want a putter with more offset (Newport 2.0) to get your hands in front of the ball.
Don't do what I did when I started playing. I had heard that the hardest club to hit was the one iron, so I went to the range and tried to hit one until I had blisters. I agree with alo1984 and Ben Hogan, but I'd still probably go with a seven or eight.
I agree... and I'd get a bunch of strokes off of you. A buddy of mine showed me his card from the (work) league he plays in. He's an eight and the guy he was playing was a 36. They were playing nine holes, so the guy he's playing gets eighteen strokes and he only gets four. Making up fourteen strokes over nine is pretty hard.
After a flubbed shot: "Don't worry, I see it." After a putt comes up short: "Does your husband play golf?" After a whiffed tee shot: "One."
One of those onion sacks of 100 balls from Golfsmith. Looking to groove my swing and get some rough estimates of distances.
And those drives would sound awesome!
Ye speaketh the truth.
I played from the whites the other day, but it was because two of the players I was playing with were >36 handicaps. It was nice having short irons into pretty much everything, but I hit into trouble on several occasions because I'd driven it through the fairway.
New Posts  All Forums: