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A-FRIGGEN-MEN!!!! I've seriously considered reteaching myself to putt right handed. Ive only been playing for 3 months so if I was ever gonna do it, now would be the time.
I am looking to sell or trade my LH Ping Karsten Series Echo 2 Putter. It is 35" in lenth. Everything is original except the grip. The grip has been replaced by a Tiger Shark grip and is in phenomonal shape. The club face shows normal play/bag wear, but in all honesty, given it's age it's in awesome shape. Hell, regardless of age the face is in phenomonal shape. I would gladly trade for a LH Pitching Wedge or sell it for 45$ dlvd. If you are interested please...
Looking to buy a LH P Wedge. Looking to go cheap for now because I plan on getting a 3-PW set for XMAS so not looking to go nuts on one particular club. Thanks
I just bought the 50 ball bucket. I mean how can you beat it for 35$ dlvd?
id like to know in general if this is a solid ball because I was looking at the bucket of 50 myself
No1 has ever hit this putter? That might be a bad thing.
I gotta Karsten Series Vintage Echo 2 that I am putting for sale on here soon. I like it, just need to upgrade to a mallet.
Just bought this in EBay brand new w/headcover for only 21.50$! Figured for that price I couldnt pass it up since I've been looking for a new putter anyways. Thanks
end of the year card is GSP vs. Koshcheck - UFC 124 in Vegas November supposedly could be Silva vs Belfort or Silva vs. Sonnen 2. All I know is UFC 118 better be good cuz I got some great seats for it and I cant wait to see BJ win his title back.
tyvm appreciate it
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