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i always thought that Flex is Directly related to clubhead speed. i was told that the Fujikura Speeder changes from S to XS occurs at 115 MPH which is what my clubhead speed is and hence my deliemma. I currenlty run the Fijikura Speeder S , as the XS felt too Harsh in the hands
nice swing.. work on the body turn = more distance.. how many knuckles can you see on your left hand at driver address??
rotate your top hand anticlockwise 10 deg. its too strong a position work on hitting the ball with body turn, not your arms....
i have a simular clubhead speed to you and found the x100 too stiff. Mainly because not every shot is full throttle. is use S300u now..
here Down under where off season is because its too hot, the grips go hard from sunscreen. my driver grip only lasts about 8-10 months, - must be the huge amounts of torque i place on the grip!! haha
changing your grip will assist fixing your pivot how?[/QUOTE] Rotate your top hand 10 degclockwise and try and hit a ball!! it limits your flexability down your Left hand side
Rotate your top hand 10 degrees anticlockwise. to answer your question "is the swing around or up and down", i would consider the fundamentals of the swing to be mostly "around", i.e around the spine. very good swing by the way.
finish the ball 2 feet past the hole, if you miss, miss to the "professional side"
i use 52 deg. nothing worse than landing a 57 deg next to the pin and the ball backspins off the front of the green coming to rest on the fringe..
ball below feet for Right Hander: a) its going to cut / slice, so take an extra club, or 2 or 3!! b) aim left and pick a target and commit to the altered target. this may be 40 meters left of the green in some cases.. don't underestimate the slice c) take an extra 1/2 inch up the shaft on the grip d) close clubface very slightly to combat the cut sidespin... e) balance is important, as clean ballstriking is a must....take extra club and 7/8th of a swing... f) the...
New Posts  All Forums: