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Hail to the victors valiant Hail to the conqu'ring heroes Hail Hail to Michigan The leaders and best! Hail to the victors valiant Hail to the conqu'ring heroes Hail Hail to Michigan, The champions of the West!
You guys are the best. Its so difficult to play consistently when your compression is poor. I dont know why hitting down on the ball is so hard for me...but im workin on it!
Grew up on a private club with my parents house on the 14th hole. Started when i was five playing with my dad and grandfather. I quit for 4 years four and a half years ago and am getting back into it now.
I only cary 13. Used to carry 12. Driver, 18 degree hybrid, 3-pw, gw, sw. Thats it. Just started carrying the gw.
The high drawing hook that i hit half the time from 150 in on par 3s! Always goes right into the $hit. It should be an easy shot...but no...hook it into the crap...just like i have for the last 20 years.
I replaced DCI 962s with Ping G5s. The 962s were more of a players iron and still i can do everything better with the pings fwiw.
It really is all up to tiger. IMHO he has a very athletic move. I think this may be hard to repeat in his 40s. Its really all about his health. He could get hurt in any number of ways...we do. Its too early to call i think. After a bad year like this i think its apparent the tiger factor is gone...and that was the most critical factor to his success imho. The young guns whom we have not seen the best of WANT tiger. Woods has never faced this, as everyone was...
I got measured. I hit my 7 iron 165 with no wind leval ground. 8 goes 150. Clubhead speed with driver is just at 100mph. I use a stiff...driver through wedge. I play a higher ball so i dont need help getting it up. With ping i like their zz65 shaft. Dynamic Gold is also a fav. of mine with its higher flex point.
I would find a new club if the one i were a member at started allowing the public. Keep in mind...im not a member of a c.c. I grew up a member and my parents are members of one...but i am not. I can guarantee i will be however just as soon as i can afford it. Around me the public courses are full of low lives that do not rake traps, do not fix ball marks, do not fix divots, get drunk and crash carts, hit into other groups, and tear up the greens. I have never seen...
the wraps always last the longest with the winns or tour velvets wearing quickly. Try tacki mac wraps or lamkin wraps...last forever. Have some that are 10 years old.
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