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That was odd.
I think it's just a weight, not a Gravity Core.
I really like the looks of the new PING wedges and the Wilson blades.
Bridgestone golf has become one of the more recognized brands when it comes to golf balls, but the company is still not as well known for the clubs that they make. Recently, the company announced the J15 line up which includes four different sets of irons; the MB, CB, DPF, and DF. With that release, the company believes that it has a set of irons to fit nearly anybody's game. For more info on the J15 irons, see our Bag Drop article.   In addition to the new irons, the...
I'd be careful in saying that it's good advice because they advertise it on GC... They also advertise a lot of crap. Hitting up with the driver is good advice, but not because GC said so.
It can't hurt to try.
Honestly, that is a pretty solid set up, and if you don't have a glaring need somewhere, I wouldn't rush out to get something. In this situation, however, people tend to go one of two ways; they either go for a Gap Wedge, particularly if they have a strong lofted PW as is typical in most modern sets, or they go with a 5W. The question is whether another wedge or wood would benefit your game. Another options, which I'm sure @David in FL would advocate for, is a dedicated...
My understanding is that the two aren't comparable. GAME Golf tracks your shots throughout the round and based on where you tell it you're hitting from and where you hit your next shot, tells you how far you hit it. Zepp attaches to the club and gives you information like swing speed, tempo, and swing plane.
Do the drills that have been given to you. Do what @Golfingdad said to determine what your feel should be. Double check in the mirror or on video that you are doing the drill correctly. Until you do those things (and do them a lot) don't worry about anything else.
This is exactly how I am. I've said that countless times to people over the years. I drink a beer or any other alcoholic drink for the same reason I drink a Coke or chocolate milk or orange juice; I like the way it tastes. At 29 years old I can count on one hand how many times I've been drunk and still have fingers to spare; I know people who can't say that about last week.
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