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Red marker indicates a lateral water hazard... white markers indicate out of bounds.
I know that @bplewis24 and @jefkve were on the fence about this one... so, do you think you guys can make this one?
I'm in...
Bettinardi is known in the golfing world for making some very, very nice putters. However, what many don't really know is that they have also produced wedges here and there. Now the company is upping their wedge production with the release of the H2 wedge.   According to Bettinaridi, “H2 stands for high helix, which is an aggressive machine tool that cuts the face of each wedge at an extremely rapid rate on a CNC machine... This face milling leaves a unique,...
I think that I would take the camera.
A picture might help...   As to the value of the club, good chance that it's not worth much.
You should check out some of the swing videos that @Beachcomber did. He shot his with a GoPro IIRC.
For 2015, TaylorMade is debuting an entire new lineup of bags, which has something for everybody. Whether you are a walker or rider, need tons of space in your bag or prefer just the bare bones, there is something for you.     For the walkers out there, there is the TourLite, which is under four pounds and has ergonomic straps with air mesh ventilation. The bag also has a scorecard slot and a glove tab to make it the ultimate walking bag. The bags core features...
I was going to type a response, but you said it pretty well, so I'll just copy yours. 
I really like the look of the hybrid
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