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Honestly, I don't think we have enough to make it worthwhile. I'll talk to them soon to see if they can do something in December, and if not, we'll find something else. We live in SoCal and have plenty of great courses, so there's no need to rush it. I'd rather get a larger turnout.
Right now, at Escena? They're closed... overseeding. We were going to be paying $60 for the Nov. 2nd date.
Alright, lets just put this one off until December. We'll try to figure out a date then.   Also, we may want to look into a different course (and area). By the time December rolls around the rates will be WAY up out here (Escena would be $120ish).
I'd play it.
Happy birthday
I think Saturday is more expensive. I'll find out.
Awesome post Mike... Seems like it was a fun time.
Same here... although I did experiment with the claw grip for a while. In high school I putted left-hand-low.
I won't use painted tees... I either use the natural wood ones or white plastic ones. I also use a short tee for irons or hybrids/woods (usually a broken tee, but I recently bought a pack of plastic tees that included some short ones).
Let's just say that November 2nd is our day; I'll take care of getting in touch with the guy at Escena again.   I'll start the list, just copy and paste it and add yourself to it. I'd like to get a good head count to give the guy by Friday since we're already getting pretty close.   Remember that for the November 2nd date the course will be CART PATH ONLY.   1. @tristanhilton85 
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