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Welcome to the site... not sure where you are in California, but the SoCal guys have an outing every couple of months; next one is in Encinitas on 8/9.   BTW, @Hammer 4, we're going to see you there, right?
Works for me.1. @mvmac2. @tristanhilton853. @Shindig4. @hacker1015. hacker guest6. @Lihu7. Lihu guest8. @Big C9. @Pakoh10. Pakoh guest11. @Golfingdad12. @Bechambo
Agreed. I'd like to leave it open a bit longer for TST guys, but ultimately I want full groups.
I don't see why it would be. I'd assume that they'd stay with the typical $399 price tag and then charge extra for shaft upgrades.
Updated list:   1. @mvmac 2. @tristanhilton85 3. @Shindig 4. @hacker101 5. hacker guest 6. @Lihu 7. Lihu guest 8. @Big C 9. @Pakoh 10. @Golfingdad 11. @Bechambo 
Ha... for some reason I read "would you drink out of the claret jug?" As for as what I would drink out of it... possibly a good Scotch, maybe some beer.
Yes I would.
Hitting a moving ball would be harder.
That's too bad. Maybe you'll be able to make the next one... Updated list: 1. @mvmac2. @tristanhilton853. @Shindig4. @hacker1015. hacker guest6. @Lihu7. Lihu guest8. @Big C9. @Pakoh10. @Golfingdad11. @agoodmanmbk12. @Bechambo  I know that @Clambake is from the area... maybe he'd like to attend this one? What about you @Beachcomber? Also, if you haven't chimed in for a while, please let us know that you are still coming. 
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