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Carts are included.
Forecast for tomorrow... Looking pretty good.  
I have two DE razors, a Merkur Long Handle and a Parker 92R. If you decide to go with a DE razor, I'd suggest you try a sample pack of blades and it is a bit of trial and error to find one that will give you a close shave but not tear your face up. However, once you figure out the blade that works well for you, you can get them pretty cheap in bulk quantities. It's also worth spending the money to get a good brush and good shaving cream. While I won't be going back to...
Tee time is at 9 am. Warm up balls are included. I plan to be there around 8.
The code for 3rd place Team B is P 162-1 U.
If you shave everyday, then yeah, that's about right. I switched to DE shaving last year. I get a way better shave and once you make the initial investment (handle and brush), it's way cheaper. I picked up 120 blades for $19. If I ever went back to using a cartridge razor (I won't), I think I'd consider Dollar Shave Club.
Alright guys, here are the groups:   I figure that we should all be ok playing the blue tees; if you feel that you should move up a set, let me know (obviously you'll get a few less strokes). I've tried to keep the groups as even as possible (groups 1 and 3 each have a total of 43 strokes, and group 2 has 47 strokes). We will be playing the modified stableford that we've been playing at these. The best 3 scores will count on each hole with the following point...
It's a great course, well worth it.
Sounds good, does anybody have a suggestion as to which of the par 3s we should do it on.
Their head pro called me right now to confirm everything and asked if we wanted to do a long drive contest or closest to the pin or anything like that, so, do we?
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