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The VAS+ were my first set of irons. 
Don't get it...
I think in normal temps I would've bee fine, but it was over 100 and I was sweating a lot.
Those belts are great, but the red one did stain my shorts. I like the Next belts just a little bit better.
So his five wins and POY in 2013 count for nothing?
It's more than just saying that you forgot to add that it was your opinion. You state your opinion as if it were fact. It is not.
You state your opinion as if it is fact. It is not. Some believe that Tiger is already GOAT. Honestly, if Rory or Jordan get to 9, maybe that'll be enough for them, but we can't judge that now. I think that it is a little shortsighted to look at 18 vs 14 and be done with it. You are only taking into consideration the number of majors when there is so much else to consider. What about number of wins on the tour (73 vs 79). If the strength of field argument is BS, then say...
I play a lot in the heat and sweat a lot and I don't always wear a glove. Every once in a while, I notice the Pure's get just a little slick... If you wipe 'em down and dry them, they'll get tacky again.
 That's not really true... from what I've found, the International Tennis Federation says that winning four consecutive majors IS as Grand Slam regardless of if they are in the same calendar year or not. The hockey analogy you provided is ridiculous; but I think you knew that already. They aren't even close to the same thing. I'm comparing winning four majors in a row to winning four majors in a row. It's fine that you think that it should be in a calendar year. My...
That's the thing though... calling it something else implies that it IS something else. It isn't. It's the same achievement and should be labeled as such.
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