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If you purchase a "Hot Deal" you pay online... If it is just one of the regular times, you'll pay the booking fee online and the rest at the course. BTW, welcome to the site. I hope you stick around a post more.
It's not nearly as thin as the Skagen that I had... I would definitely describe it as being on the thicker side, but after wearing it for a couple days, I find it to be comfortable. I have to wear a dress shirt to work and it fits easily under my cuff. Here is a profile pic to show the thickness (and one of the back because I think it's pretty). 
Welcome to the winning team @Club Rat!
I got the new watch today... the guy shipped really quick and it was coming from not that far. I must say that I am very impressed with the watch. It's just a tad heavier than I expected, but it is obvious that the quality of the watch is great. I've never had an automatic watch before and seeing the sweeping motion of the second hand as well as the movement through the exhibition caseback is pretty cool. Collecting nice watches is definitely a hobby I can see myself...
The Mercer is nice but I like it with the white dial better, however that one is out of stock for the time being.
Just pulled the trigger on a new watch. I didn't end up getting the Mercer that I posted above, but found something pretty similar that I like just a bit better.  
I guess I'll revive this thread as I've been looking for a new watch lately. I just ordered a vintage Seiko 5 from eBay for next to nothing. That'll be my first automatic watch.   I'm also seriously considering buying this one:  
Looking forward to meeting everybody in a few weeks. Haven't heard from @SoundandFury recently on the forum... how's it going?
Yeah... Callaway with their new Great Big Bertha Model (and I'm sure on some of the other models) offers a 13.5° head... add in the adjustability that is offered and you can get it up to 15.5° of loft.
The VAS+ were my first set of irons. 
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