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I think that some of it will depend on if he ends up winning a major or not. If he doesn't manage to pull it off, then it will be talked about for a long time as he was so close to a win. If he does win one (and I think he will get at least one), then I don't think you'll hear about it as much. It'll still be talked about some, but I wouldn't consider it one of the biggest blunders in golf history.
IIRC, the fitter I went through had a fee of $100 or something like that, but waived it if the putter was purchased.
I am definitely a fan of Spieth's and I would love to say that he'll end up with more, but I just don't know. Rory is two ahead, and with the strong fields and the quality of talent in today's game, majors are going to be hard to come by. I think they'll each win more majors, but Rory being two ahead is a big advantage. Obviously Spieth is younger and that will give him time to catch up, but there are some really good players out there who never get even one.
Congratulations on the ace!
Sorry for your loss.
I've been playing with the standard G30 driver and love it. The LSTec wouldn't really fit my game, but for those with higher swing speeds or those that need to reduce spin, it's a great choice.
 Playing one last round with them tomorrow and then I'll post my review.
This isn't something I would pay extra to use on a regular basis, but I definitely would want to try it at least once.
I agree with this. At work I have to wear a dress shirt with tie, and my socks almost always match the tie. With shorts I always wear ankle/no show socks, but with pants a prefer longer socks. If they are black pants, then it'll usually be socks that are mostly dark in color with stripes (or whatever) that are the same as the shirt. That said, I also have a pair of green socks that are the same green as a polo that I have, and I'll wear those at the same time. Basically, I...
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