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I'd say it's a bit more casual than a typical tournament. Each group plays against the others in a modified stableford game where the best 3 of 4 scores count on each hole. Usually there is some sort of prize for the winning team and MVP. It'd be great to have you along if you can make it. The one issue with the earlier dates is that, at least that course, will be cart path only. However, that means that it would be a bit cheaper as well.
Congrats on the new job. I agree with @Golfingdad though; it sucks to be losing one of the SoCal guys.
I've had a few that were around 5 1/2 hours at my home course. The course was completely filled and at the time (old ownership) they did nothing to speed up play. I've also played a few scrambles that were right around the 5 1/2 hour mark. I did have one round where it took 3 hours to play 9 and I left because it only seemed to be getting worse.
Between Netflix and my XM, I watch/listen to a lot of stand up. So many of the ones listed here are great. In particular, I really like Mitch Hedberg and George Carlin. Others that I've listened to recently and found to be really funny are Hannibal Buress, Brian Regan, Aziz Ansari, and Louis CK. I watched the first Bo Burnham stand up and thought it was funny, but the newest one, "What?" was really bad; I watched the entire thing thinking that it had to get better and it...
The + model is the lower spinning head.
As long as my schedule allows for it, I'll be playing in my first tournament since high school at the end of October. It is one of the SCGA one day tournaments. It's at a course that I've played once before (Goose Creek, we had a TST SoCal Outing there). I set a goal for myself that if I broke into the single digits I'd start playing tournaments, so that's the plan; however, things maybe up in the air with this one because of work.
Saturday was nice, however, in talking to the guy at Escena, we'll get a much better rate on Sunday.
This last outing was great, as usual, and I think we should start planning our next one for the fall. We seem to being doing these every three months or so which would put us sometime in November.   It had been discussed that we could possibly do this next one out in my direction (Palm Springs area).   I was looking at possibly Escena, which is in Palm Springs. There are obviously some other great options in the desert, but going into November, prices start to go WAY...
Very sad to hear. Hoped that it was a hoax, but obviously not the case.
My team (me, @mvmac, @Shindig, @Bechambo) came in second with 108 points. @Golfingdad, @Pakoh, @Big C, and @Jthrustt came in 1st with 109 points. @hacker101, @Lihu, and their sons came in third with 97 points. Hopefully you'll be able to join us at the next one.
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