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I've heard good things about Wishon clubs. They are essentially a component company and it seems that about the only way to get a set is to have them built for you by a club maker. Maybe @Stretch can help you out as I remember he plays (played?) Wishon clubs.
The only reason you're not sold is because it's Tiger.
I watch it when I can and play as often as possible. I even had the Masters streaming while I was at work. I'd say I'm a fan.
I've played the TPC Stadium course at PGA West multiple times and have always been treated great.
As far as the range thing goes, I don't see the problem; while your green fees were expensive, I'm sure that the members there pay a lot more. Was the area you hit from in bad condition? If it was, then yeah, that's an issue, but if it was just a different area than the member range, then I don't see the problem. I'm sure that the guy in the pro shop could have been friendlier, but you got your money back, so in the end it came out how it should have.
6 different clubs... I'll use anything from my 8 iron to PW for chips around the green and then my 52 or 58 for pitches. In addition to that, I'll sometimes putt from off the green.
That makes more sense.
It hasn't been determined yet... Looking at Industry Hills or possibly the Palm Springs area. I'm not sure what airport would be closest to Industry (John Wayne maybe?) but if it's out here, it'd be Palm Springs International.
If everybody is fine with it, I am... I just want to make sure we get the biggest turn out we can and that the guys who aren't quite as use to the heat don't burst into flames...  Anyways, I'll send out some emails tomorrow and see what kind of a response I get, at which point I'll lay out the options and add a poll.
Average temp that time of year is right around 100° and this year we seem to be 5-10° above average every day. I'd say it'd be around 105°.
New Posts  All Forums: