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The fact that there is a waiting list makes it exclusionary? That doesn't make sense.
If the one ball rule is effect, then yes.
I like the Nassau idea.
Ok... I guess it's back to being the 2nd unless anybody has a better suggestion.   Now, what about course; you guys want to come out towards me (chance it'll be pretty hot - average temp that time of year is low 90s), or out in the IE or OC area? I'm good with whatever.
6 points, straight up
Guys, keep the thread on topic or you'll end up being restricted.
  I'd like to get as many people as possible. Since this is the one weekend in May that @bplewis24 is unavailable, maybe we look at the May 9th date. Can you make that work @Lihu ?
I saw blue and black from the start. My wife saw blue and black at first and then white and gold later. Most the people I work with saw white and gold.
I'm a fan of the Cobra hybrids. I have one from a few years back, the AMP Cell that I really like. I've heard even better things about last year's BIO Cell and this years version, the FlyZ, looks intriguing as well.
12" below water and the ball coming out... not a chance in hell. If you manage it, I'll pay for your next round.
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