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Niceeee, congrats! 
Last summer I had time to play a ton of golf so I played alone at least 75% of the time.  I wasn't so lucky this year,  only got out for about 10 rounds and all of them were with my Dad or friends.
NJ, PA, NC, SC    Four for me.  I played on one course that was in NC and SC.  
Tiger woods -2   Phil -3 
New one from today:  
  Forgot about this thread! I just picked up a Ninja 300 a few weeks ago, loving it! 
It's supposed to be nice over the weekend at least. I am going Saturday so I'm not sure how that'll work if today is a wash. My tickets would still be good for Saturday right?
I am not a huge fan of Sergio but I like how he went for the win at the end instead of going for the sure 2nd or 3rd place finish like he could have. 
Tiger has this.
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