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Helps if you all post the links ;) http://www.amegolf.net/ http://www.jancraigheadcovers.com/
Also check out the AGA http://www.azgolf.org/tournament/ind...&SubCategory=1 And see if this group is doing any events in 2010 http://www.golfconnecttours.com/page...060-phoenix-az After that you can check with any course about their men's club
One thing I always have checked when switching or trying out new clubs is to make sure all the lofts are the same (as well as lie, shaft, etc) I don't ever trust the printed specs.
No offense but this doesn't really add value to the conversation
I love Mizuno's golf equipment and I think you'll find many here who respect and love them as well. Heck just read today's review of the MP T-10 wedges and you'll find more here
Certainly a good place to start but I already see a few very high quality clubfitters missing from that list. Problem with finding a certified clubfitter is...who certified them...really it's not that hard to get a certification from a component or shaft manufacturer. So you're pretty much left with what you are doing already, ask in forums, golf shops, etc.
Pretty much the same for me
I agree with this statement and is one of the reasons why I've have several of my clubs SST Pured and personally I didn't think it was that much more to spend
+1 for Ping BUT I've also had a good experience with a putter fitting at Hot Stix
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