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I am far from a good golfer, the only lessons I ever took were back when I was like maybe 15 or 16 years old and I remember very little and I wasn't even breaking 130 back then lol.  I now shoot right around 90 on my good days.  So congrats man like someone else said... you will keep getting better.  Next year you might be looking a breaking 90 and THAT is a great feeling, I've accomplished that 4 times in the last 2 years.    I started reading Lowest Score Wins and...
Yes and no for me.  If I get to the course early enough and the course has a driving range... I'll usually hit a bag.  I don't like to hit more than 20 at the most.  I usually start with a wedge and take nice easy swings until I start feeling loose then I'll hit a couple long irons, couple 3 woods, couple drivers and then I go through my 1st tee routine and hit whatever club I plan to use on the first tee.   Sometimes though I play so early in the morning I don't like to...
Isn't the "swing speed" recommendation on golf ball packaging really just based off of you hitting your driver?  It's hardly going to matter on a 5-SW approach shot from the fairway right?  You only have roughly 14 holes per round to hit driver, I'd guess most players don't use driver on all of those holes either.  I guess I don't really pay attention to the swing speed recommendation.  I play a ball that's designed to give the best possible performance around the green.
Why would you only be allowed to WD for a medical reason?  If that is a rule... Hunter Mahan wouldn't have been able to WD then from the RBC a few years ago when his wife had the baby right before I think it was his 3rd round was about to start.
Yes all the people that work for those companies being out of work like the pros from Dicks will surely help the economy and golf industry
I went through a rough patch 2 summers ago where I was just shanking the ball every single hit practically.  I couldn't hit the ball either.  Every iron shot was a straight shank maybe 10 yards off the ground and 50 yards to the right.  It was awful.  Told someone at work who played golf who told me to "take a step back, you're probably standing to close to the ball".  He was right... I took a step back, cured it lol.  I have hit a couple of shanks since then but all of us...
So is Phil even going to make the cut to the next playoff event?  Was really hoping for a good showing from him.  Aside from the majors this year which were all won by previous major winners, it seems like it's been the year of the nobodies.  Boring to watch.
 I have multiple as listed in my signature.  I've struck my 4 hybrid pretty good out of the rough, and perhaps I should consider a hybrid more often out of the rough, but I'm more talking about when I'm in iron range from the rough.  150 out in the rough a 4 hybrid does me no good, neither does my 5 hybrid which I alternate with my 5 iron depending on the course.
My tee game doesn't put me in the fairway often enough.  But even with improvement there I figure I'll still be in the rough quite a bit (even pros only hit what...70-75% of fairways?).  But one of my biggest problems is I have major trouble recovering from the rough.  I seem to hit behind the ball and lose all clubhead speed in the grass before the ball gets hit.  I usually don't take a divot either.  I take a 6 iron out of the rough and often times might advance it 100...
Don't know how to describe them in detail there are so many of them. But they usually result in a horrible drive, drilling a tree and it coming right back to me, lol. Not getting out of a bunker... And then once I get to the green, a 3 putt from inside 10 ft... Oh yes I am the master of 3 putting from inside 10 ft.
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