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Not for me.  I've made par on the first before and gone on to shoot my worst score of the year.  I've made a snowman before on the first hole and gone on to shoot my usually low 90's.    Heck just a couple months ago, started my round double, triple, triple the first three holes.  Went on to play holes 4-17 at just 9 over par. 
Like others, I wear my golf polos to work as well (the cheaper ones).  I've paid up to $50 for a shirt, but $40 is typically my max.  I try to find them when they're closing out a particular years shirt to make way for the new designs.  You can often find them at good prices then.  I buy most of my shirts on Amazon too.  Might pop into Dick's for a couple if I have a coupon or some Score Card rewards points.  Although usually Dick's coupons are a scam - as they exclude...
They were on sale for $30... and I had a coupon through my ScoreCard for $15 off 1 dozen Maxfli U6 golf balls.  Which normally would not apply to a sale price but the cashier must have been new or something because when it scanned and didn't take off the discount she just manually did it.  So I got em for $15 lol.  But I like them, nice ball.  Don't know if I'd pay $45 for them or whatever they normally are though.  I feel there are equally as good a ball available around...
I managed to get a dozen of the U/6 Lc at Dick's a couple months back for $15...  I've played a few rounds with them now and they are a pretty nice ball.  I like the feel of them.  I'd like them a lot more if they made them in yellow.  Once I lose them or use them to the point of not being suitable anymore I'll probably switch back to the NXT Tour S.  I just see yellow balls so much easier and have a lot more fun playing them.
Seems kinda similar to Circuit City years back when they laid off all their higher paid more experienced sales staff... well we all saw how well that worked out for them.    I work retail - and it is BRUTAL.  I may not work in a retail for such as Dick's... but I do know that the dedicated employees in retail (such as many of these pro's) do indeed BUST their asses all day at work - only to be absolutely CRAPPED on by the higher ups in the company.  They do their best to...
I was B-FIT for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls   1.  Zach Johnson... -7 2.  Bill Haas... -4 3.  David Hearn... -6
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver!   Jim Furyk:  -9 Patrick Reed:  -7 Erik Compton:  -8
Hooray I got my book!  I saw a package in the mailbox and was like "what the * is this I didn't order anything?".  Opened it up and it was like getting a present on christmas morning!  Can't wait to read it.  As soon as I get done reading Lone Survivor.  I am hooked on that right now. 
I had Dick's install the Golf Pride Niion Orange/White grips to my entire bag this past April - was gonna do it myself but they were running promo, 10+ clubs and free installation.  So I did it.  They did a good job and I am pleased with the grips.  I chose the bright orange/white simply because I wanted loud grips, lol.
 The Old Rich White Guys Stuff Club?  Lol... my guess is they do a full background check and require 3 character references, blood sample, fingerprints and a video explaining why you feel you should receive tickets to ever step foot onto their hallowed grounds.
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