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Be nice if I didn't have to drive 4 hours to an Edel fitter.  I really would like to explore getting fit for Edel Wedges and maybe in a few years a putter.  But $300 for a putter is a lot of money, lol.  I spent $300 on my entire set of irons!
Now I can't imagine he is able to play golf all THAT much... how in the heck does he shoot those scores.
Well last year I was shooting low 90's almost every time out, broke 90 2 or 3 times.  This year, started off the year ok with a 91 on my first 18 hole round and then just downhill from there and I haven't broken 100 in 3 rounds now.  Can't get off the tee.  I am duffing 1 out of every 3 tee shots.  And by duffing yes I mean duffing, not even reaching the fairway.  I'm a mess with a driver so I use either 3 wood or 3 hybrid.  Still can't get the ball out there with any kind...
104 at Traditions at the Glen.  Ugh, 2nd round in a row I haven't broken 100.  3 snowmen didn't help.  And my game from the tee continues to be a mystery.  It's either a great shot right down the middle or a complete 30-40 yard duff...  Holes tend to be very long when you duff your tee shot short of the fairway!
My first, and I *think* but can't remember for sure, my only eagle to date was like 2 years ago.  Conklin Players Club, which is the course I play the most (if you're ever in NY right around the PA border this course is worth playing, as beautiful a course and as perfect condition as you will ever find in a public course.    Anyway, #9 is a downhill Par 5, dogleg to the left.  I don't remember what I hit off the tee, maybe a 3 wood, but I thought I was in the bunkers...
You know what irks me the most... is the fact that courses around here don't give any sort of a price break after they aerate.  THAT is what annoys me.  You should be discounting your greens fees if the fairways and or greens have been aerated.
Not sure what drives people to do a lot of things that people do today.  The world we live in today is pretty sick and twisted.  So many days go by that we all just get up and go to work, go to the course, come home, whatever else and we don't run into that sorta stuff we forget just how bad the world really is elsewhere.
Golf is a funny game.  No different than making a birdie one day on whatever hole of a course you frequent and the next round you play same hole, triple bogey lol.
Yea I don't know.  I've never had a running chainsaw get anywhere near my hand.  Maybe he was drop starting it and after it started he swung his hand to close to it idk, lol.  Tough to imagine how that could have happened.
I sell chainsaws at work along with many other things. It's scary some of the people who come in to buy one and don't have a clue how to use it or what they're doing and refuse to heed the advice of someone such as myself who has used them and has taken training certification courses from major brands like Husqvarna. I went so far once as to tell a customer "with all due respect I think you're in way over your head and going get hurt". Guy wanted the smalled chainsaw i...
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