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I was definitely a super hacker when I started lol.  I shoot low 90's on the harder courses in my area now, and have gotten as low as 88 at those harder courses.  If my putting wasn't so atrocious it could probably be lower than that.     I only play maybe 20 times per season if that.  I would love to play more, I just don't have the time to do so. 
  which is another argument all together, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who think some of the bigger names ought to play those events more often.  Instead though, they play the majors, the players, and WGC events and maybe a couple overseas... I guess it's one of the perks of being a top 20 golfer, you make more than enough money to pick and choose when you want to play.  But it's sad that those tournaments can't draw bigger fields.  I remember always going to...
This is what I love... Patrick Reed sucks and will never be that top 5 player because he missed the cut in his first Masters appearance.  Um, Phil Mickelson missed the cut.  Luke Donald missed the cut.  Do those guys suck too?  Is he arrogant?  Eh, I think he's just confident and cocky.  If you're going to BE a Top 10 golfer, you BETTER be confident and being a little cocky isn't a bad thing either.  I was watching Patrick Reed a few times last year leading up to his first...
I am a fan of my Oakley Full Auto Tour's but they don't make them anymore.  But they are super comfortable.  Or if you feel like opening your wallet wide - anything made by Ecco pretty much.  LOVE my Ecco Biom Hydromax, just amazing comfort.  http://us.shop.ecco.com/ECCO-Mens-BIOM-Golf-Hydromax/131004,default,pd.html?dwvar_131004_color=55846#cgid=golf-men-biom - and I bought them when they were $235.  $179 is a good price.
I have played both the DT SoLo and the NXT Tour S.  I prefer the NXT Tour S.  To both of them, I prefer the Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS... but I hate they don't make it in yellow.  Softest, nicest feeling ball I have ever played.  Performance and scoring wise though, lol, not much difference.  It's not the arrow but the shooter.  Any premium ball like these to a mid-80s shooter probably wont make much difference, just try them and play whichever feels best.
I have a mix of hybrids.  I don't match at all.  Taylor Made Burner 3 (much older than the rest) and a Cobra AMP 3, Callaway Warbird 4 (my favorite), Calaway Xhot 5, Adams IDEA a12 2.   Love hitting my hybrids off tee's on shorter holes, and 2nd shots on par 5s.  Just love my hybrids period.  They make the game more fun for me
I have always been partial to Cleveland.  I like my Vokey 60... but I much prefer to play my 56 Cleveland.  I had a gunmetal Tour Action Reg 588 and 2 years ago went to the new Rotex version, love it just as much. 
My Taylor Made Rossa putter grip was falling apart so I just had a Winn Pro fat grip put on.  It's a medium sized fat one, I don't like the super fat ones.  I am looking forward to using it.  I have a tendency to just wiggle the putter to much during my stroke and miss putts, also need to correct my alignment but that's another issue.  I do like the feel of it.  I hate that it no longer fits in the dedicated side putter tube of my bag lol. 
I shop at Dick's quite a bit, if I know what I want, I just buy it when I find it, or I'll ask someone just to point it out.  But if I'm looking for real advice, I just make sure I ask the PGA Pro they have, as they have one in all stores.  I'd think you'd get better answers if you just made sure you talked to them when you went in.  That being said, there are times when I will shop the local golf training center which has a pro and master club builder.  I got fitted for...
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