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Well, he needs to win just to get into the field at Firestone lol.  That's not gonna happen.  Hasn't he won there like 8 times too.
This makes me wonder... How many caddie player relationships on tour are like they're both friends possibly family, and how many are strictly professional boss and subordinate type. It seems as though most of the top players it seems as though their caddies are close friends, family, very good relationships, take Phil and Bones for example. Clearly not the case sith Allenby, almost seems like he would set up job interviews when he needs a new caddy lol
and Bubba's placements in tournaments and the prize money he makes is the only reason Ted Scott or whatever his name is stays lol.  Bubba as we've seen on camera treats him like absolute dirt and blames him for every poor shot he hits.  Bubba is something of an enigma to me.  Everyone always seems to say he is genuinely a good guy - but we've really seen him be a complete douche on camera.
Now this I am more curious about.  As typically the tournaments held the week before a major often have many of the top players going to major playing in them because they use it as a preparation week.  Often times the TOP players (like top 15-20 OWGR) do not play the week immediately after.  I think that makes tournaments the week before a major or big event better to watch than tournaments that are truly right in the middle of the gap between majors - these are often...
Basically you're suggesting the PGA Tour not have tournaments every week of the season? That would really cut down on the number of players. Just because one tournament gets a new sponsor every couple of years doesn't mean it doesn't generate revenue. Companies have to balance whether or not pouring in money is worth it to them to be a title sponsor as I can't imagine its cheap. Look at all the companies pulling out of Nascar lately... nascar is still extremely popular...
I understand caddies do far more than just carry the players clubs, but they are still employees of the player... if he felt 7 iron was his best play... Why didn't he just simply override his caddies advice and do it? Isn't selecting a golf club often times using your gut feeling? Maybe just for me it is since I shoot in the 90's lol
Do you know what happened with his wife earlier this year? I would say him bouncing back from that would be a great story if he wins
Hmm, seems like a legit reason to not want him to win The Open... Or not. I want to see Jordan pull it off but if he doesn't I would love to see Zach win it.
Out of curiosity why? What could you hate about Zach Johnson?
Zach johnson on fire
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