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I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver!   Jim Furyk:  -9 Patrick Reed:  -7 Erik Compton:  -8
Hooray I got my book!  I saw a package in the mailbox and was like "what the * is this I didn't order anything?".  Opened it up and it was like getting a present on christmas morning!  Can't wait to read it.  As soon as I get done reading Lone Survivor.  I am hooked on that right now. 
I had Dick's install the Golf Pride Niion Orange/White grips to my entire bag this past April - was gonna do it myself but they were running promo, 10+ clubs and free installation.  So I did it.  They did a good job and I am pleased with the grips.  I chose the bright orange/white simply because I wanted loud grips, lol.
 The Old Rich White Guys Stuff Club?  Lol... my guess is they do a full background check and require 3 character references, blood sample, fingerprints and a video explaining why you feel you should receive tickets to ever step foot onto their hallowed grounds.
Never had one myself.  Closest I came was about 2 ft lol.  But it never had a chance of going in.  I've stuck a few on short par 3's before within 3 or 4 ft of the hole... but by stuck it I mean stuck it.  Ball made a nice crater in the green and bounced like 2 inches lol.
I like the idea... but very few young to middle aged men are going to go to the senior tees (if the course has them) or the ladies tees.  I play the whites - I know my game isn't good enough for the blues.  If you aren't threatening to break 80 and shooting over 90 is a BAD day, you shouldn't be playing from the tips, period.  I play often enough to see absolute hackers tee it up on the back tees and hold everyone up.  But if you're a 20-60 year old man in good shape (as...
I am definitely a bogey golfer.  My best score ever is an 86, but I typically shoot between 94 and 97 on the harder courses around here.  My short game is what kills me.  I can't get up and down chipping or out of the sand and I can't make putts.  I typically putt 40+ times per round.  I three putt probably 6-7 holes per round.  It's bad.  I have no confidence chipping, at all.  I often find myself taking good practice swings but then hitting the chip shot I am afraid to...
I picked up a dozen of the U/6 LC the other day @ Dick's for $15!  Looking forward to trying them out.  Good to hear though the U/3's are a good ball.  Once I blow through my current stash, maybe I'll buy a dozen.
 That's all fine and dandy - but I don't see any of the major retailers giving up a hat rack for hats with the "as" on them anytime soon, unlike the "TW" Nike hats a few years ago. 
Phil Mickelson @ -2 Jordan Speith @ -1 Martin Kaymer @ -4
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