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I keep score on it so on me
I've had one for a while now. Like it a lot only complaint is occasionally the buckle comes off the leather and I need to keep re-clamping it into the leather. I would love to get one of those TST ones though if another order goes in
Well I'm done.  Marc Leishman withdrew, just found that out this morning.
So my sister is looking to buy my brother in law a push cart for christmas and she asked me what I knew about them. I said I know you push them lol. She said he mentioned Clic Gear and from the little research I have done thus far it appears to be the best brand out there. Can anyone help me help her by explaining the differences between the models? Is there any other brands or models she should consider? And he currently has a stand bag... How much more friendly...
I know they have nothing to patent. Just stating that patents are overrated and the patent system is broken. It can take YEARS for a patent to be approved... More than enough time for copycats to kill you. If someone bigger does try to copycat, you'll spend a fortune in time and money fighting it out in court until you're broke. 97% of all issued patents never make it to market. And many successful products were never patented, WD-40 for example.
I just happened to see this episode tonight on Hulu. Being a big golf fan when I heard "golf product" I was interested to see what it was. Now I must say that the price is pretty high, very high actually. But the criticism and comments here are I'm sorry... a joke. I am not by any means saying they will make it or they wont, but almost everything that HAS made it... In any industry, started from nothing and I'm sure came with plenty of "your product stinks, you can't...
Does anyone know where I can watch the whole press conference?  All I can find are like 2-3 minutes clips of just Phils comments nothing else.  I don't even know if that was all Phil said. 
 Highly doubt that.  1.  Phil doesn't strike me as someone who ever regrets speaking his mind - and he's damn well earned the right to do that with the career he has had.  Love him or hate him, he's one of the greatest players of our generation.2.  He never mentioned Watson specifically.  But his frustration of losing is quite obvious.  Jim Furyk also said something to the tune of "If we knew a winning formula we'd have fixed this s**t a long time ago".  All the Americans...
Why can't we seem to pump out more talented players? This is really embarrassing that we are getting spanked every time. I do not want to see Bubba on the team next time he always loses. Seems like the core of our future Ryder Cups will be Speith, Reed, Fowler. Need to build around them.
anyone else think this might be fake?
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