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Spieth for me.  I just think the guy loves Augusta and the course sets up perfect for not only his game but he will always have a positive frame of mind playing there. 
 Rory won his first major at what, 23?  Has 4 at 25.  Spieth has 2, and just turned, 22 a couple days ago?  Very difficult, but at the same time, Spieth has had one of the most incredible years the game has ever seen.  If just one more putt drops for him the entire week of The Open he very well could have been headed into this week with a chance at the Grand Slam.  Hasn't he finished like Top 10 in every event practically?  lol.
 And nobody except for Tiger wears their logo on their hat.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even know DJ had a logo.  I knew of Adam Scotts only because it's been asked on this forum before what the "AS" looking thing is on his bag... fact of the matter is, nobody really cares about Sergios logo, or Adam Scotts or even DJ's lol.  I don't see their logo anywhere at Dick's Sporting Goods.  I only came as far as considering at one time getting a TW logo hat, but never did lol,...
I started using the Mission SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray last year as I discovered it to work best for me.  I have used that Nuetrogena in the past and the problem I have is I just feel like I sweat all of it off within a half hour.  I spray the crap out of myself with the Mission stuff and it has really prevented me from getting burned when I play.  Also always play with long pants.  I'd die if I wore long sleeves though, I do apply plenty of my sunscreen to my arms though. ...
How many players will each country have representing them for golf?  Or in particular, USA.  It will certainly dilute some fields, but how bad?  Surely though those top players who plan to compete in the Olympics will be skipping a lot of smaller events because there are so many high profile events clumped together.    As for Jordan Spieth not defending John Deere, that is a shame.  John Deere is always one of my favorite events to watch. 
someone needs to hurry up and sign Ollie though, this high school golfer look really stands out compared to everyone else.  Nike, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra... anyone?  Anyone?
don't hold your breath on him winning.
Did you ever think that it could be because Jordan Spieths moments of "acting up" as you say, are so unbelievable and incredibly mild and normal compared to practically EVERY OTHER PLAYER that nobody else even considers it to be "acting up"???? 
Well, he needs to win just to get into the field at Firestone lol.  That's not gonna happen.  Hasn't he won there like 8 times too.
This makes me wonder... How many caddie player relationships on tour are like they're both friends possibly family, and how many are strictly professional boss and subordinate type. It seems as though most of the top players it seems as though their caddies are close friends, family, very good relationships, take Phil and Bones for example. Clearly not the case sith Allenby, almost seems like he would set up job interviews when he needs a new caddy lol
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