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Auto Mechanic... I don't bump into to many others in the profession on the course although I work with 4 other golfers daily.  
I spend about 40-50 a week. I would label myself right between casual and avid golfer. It breaks down to 20-40 on greensfees and then 5-7 bucks on range sessions. I am lucky to have a nice range near by with really low rates and its rare I play a round of golf when theres no discount involved. I love twilight weekday rounds, its cheaper and you almost always have the course to your self.  
You can watch live on PGATour.com but it is usually just a stream from one hole as everyone comes through, not near the same showing as watching it on NBC or Golf Channel.  
I live right up the road from Owls Nest. I see you have some photos from there in your photo albums, maybe I'll see you at the sugar shack sometime haha, small world!
That threw me for a loop when I saw your location! I thought I had just encountered not one by two other members who live in the same area I do! Phew!   OP I do understand your feeling, but it can go both ways. The day I shot my lowest score to day I had the opposite feeling. I thought it should have been much higher.
I play 18 maybe once ever 2 weeks, if I'm lucky 9 per week and I shoot high 90's/low 100s on average. Best round was a 92 this past summer, worst was a 120 I suppose that would make this thread pretty accurate. I would love to play more often and improve but I am too busy working to earn the money to pay the greens fees hahaha. For now, those scores will have to do!  
Man what a crappy thread to find 4 weeks after buying a Razr hawk  
Park,Pay, maybe putt, and Play. Any time I've tried to hit the range before a round, I've hit a bunch of bad shots, and ended up taking 2-3 holes to shake off the negativity of the bad range session. I'm best off just hitting the first tee after 5 minutes of chipping/putting.  
I tee'd up at a course one day where the tee box was across the street from the fairway. It was a slow country road so hitting cars wasn't really a problem. What was a problem, was my ball flying right off the tee, and smacking a power line that ran perpendicular to me along the road. The ball hit the powerline and shot straight down onto the asphalt, bouncing away into the woods. Left a big black mark on the ball and the power line bounced for a little bit after that,...
I'll shoot you a message for sure. Check out White Mtn cc if your up by plymouth, its great.
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