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Awesome set of irons man, I have those as my back ups now.  You will enjoy them very much!  Check out Pings website for specs;.
I have a Sun Mountain MPB, has been great so far!
Thanks everyone, I tried swinging with my feel closer together and a little closer to the ball and that makes swinging the club feel much better.  I am going to try and get to the range today and see what happens.
I played a round of golf last week and was hitting the ball really well, went to the driving range a couple times and still hitting the ball well.  I played a round of golf yesterday and most of my iron shots were going right, not a slice but like I was aiming right...  So if I were aiming at lets say 12 o' clock I was hitting it in between 1-2 o'clock, just way off target...  What causes this because its really bugging me...  Could I be standing to far away from the...
I found putting the ball more towards the middle of my stance helps me out...  I use to put the ball just inside my left foot but found I sliced the ball more, once I put the ball more toward the middle it has really helped.
Anytime, I don't think you could go wrong with any PING set.  Go to your local golf shot hit a couple sets and find the one that works best for you.  To me it sounds like the S5x series would be a fit for you.    I needed the G10's because I am still learning the game, and having the G10's irons really helped me. 
I started out using PING eye's, then just recently switched to G10's.  I know they aren't mentioned on the list but I am amazed in the quality of the G10's and the forgiveness of the clubs. 
I have the G10's myself and love them, they are an awesome set of clubs for the money!
I have a Sun Mountain MPB and love it.  It has all the compartments I need along with a cooler compartment.  The legs work flawlessly and you have the option of zipping them up of you choose to use a cart.
Me too!  I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have to pull a gun on someone.  It was a messed up situation with the people that use to own the house before us (messed up son)...  I forgot to lock the door to the garage and left the back door unlocked, I live in a nice neighborhood so I thought nothing of it till I heard my truck alarm going off, then while running down stairs with the gun seeing the guy in our house grabbing stuff...  He is in a mental...
New Posts  All Forums: