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Thats what I always experienced, they could never keep from burning em up. I had a 363hp SRT-4 that I sold because I couldn't get traction until 60-65 mph. It was a blast to drive on the highway/interstate, but around town and the track was just a smoke show no matter how I feathered the throttle. I thought with the bigger turbo I install would give me a little lag, I was wrong lol.
How was the traction in the lightning? I have ran into a few that really had traction issues with a couple mods done to em... I always loved the lightnings, the sound of the supercharger is amazing.
My 450rwhp 2006 GTO
Just found out that the golf shop right down the street does club fittings for 50 bucks for all irons, they came up on Pings website. Looks like I will get picking up the G10's tomorrow, thanks for everyones help!
Well these are the standard length and lie(black dot) as my Ping Eyes, so I should be okay in that department. I am thinking about sending them off to Ping for a fitting anyway after I get them.
I just found a set of Ping G10's for sale brand new for 399, would that make a nice set for me?
Sounds good, I am definitely looking to grow into the clubs and wont be buying a set for several years after these. Right now I am eying the Nike VR split cavity and the TM burners.
What about Taylormade 09 burners? I found a set for 384 with stiff flex, add about another 100 for regular flex.
I was looking at the Ping G10's but those are just out of the price range. Maybe I can find a nice used set on Ebay but I hate doing that because I dont want to buy a clone set...
I would imagine that the Nike VR's have more forgiveness than my Ping eyes right now. Is there a difference between the regular or the forged? Is it worth the price difference for the forged?
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