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Hello! I've never played golf before, but always have wanted to learn. I've never been super athletic but I have a love for technique (for example, I swan for years and was never very fast, but I have very efficient, smooth strokes.) So, I thought golf would be a good fit, as I'm under the impression (maybe falsely...) that it is a very technical sport. I'm going to be joining the local country club in the upcoming weeks and will start taking lessons soon after. I...
I'm a physical therapist at an outpatient clinic and do aquatic therapy, general orthopedics, wound care and neurological rehab. Very rarely do I do sports rehab, because of the patient population where I work. But I love working with athletes!
"Program Director" by O.A.R.
I drive a 98 mazda protege (but am looking to upgrade soon- poor car has 200K miles and is about to fall apart.)
Valerie: it's my name. I wasn't feeling particularly original when I signed up for the forums (and I'm always happy to find that my name hasn't been claimed yet.)
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