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I second the K15 3 wood, I also went out and traded some old drivers and got the K15 driver, it has helped me with driving.
Yes, sorry I should have mentioned OP in my reply.
I have done the lie board before with Ping clubs, I don't think I ever did it with a standard set though, but like I said I seem to hit the DCI's fairly well and may take a shot with a standard set and adjust if needed. I am sure Golf Galaxy can adjust the lie for me if needed.
If I bought a set of Titleist AP1's off the rack, all standard, then went out and played them and decided to be fit, can a retailer still send them to Titleist to be changed to my specs? I wanted to see how I played them with them being standard and then change if needed, I know in Ping I am a 3 degree upright plus 1/2 an inch, but my DCI Oversize+ are standard and I hot them pretty well.
Have you hit them on the course yet? Any feedback?
Any thoughts or comments?
So took out my old Titleist DCI Oversize+ Irons and took them to the range, they are a Regular Flex, compared to the G15's they are much closer to a blade style even though they are still considered GI irons, but overall I seem to hit them a little better. With the Titleist irans you know when you hit it perfect and when you have an off hit, def feedback. Back in the day I played the DCI's and did fairly well, maybe old is better?
I am heading to Disney World in November and will be flying Southwest, I plan on taking my clubs so I can play a couple days on the Disney courses, so which is the best travel bag to get? I was looking at the Mizuno.... http://www.tgw.com/customer/category...PROD_ID=303147
I picked up a SKLZ Power Sleeve Club Weight tonight from Sports Authority, it was on clearance, $4.97, has anyone used it before? The package says it will be able to hit balls with it to identify and correct swing flaws. I wonder how true that really is. I did throw it on my driver and swung outside, it did slow me down a lot and it did feel pretty good. Any comments? http://sklz.com/golf-training-aids/p...lf-club-weight
That's interesting, I was at the Newark Delaware store last Wed, they always seem to be busy, I hope they don't close it down. The customer service there is pretty good and they have a nice selection.
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