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I've been noticing that most of the "I almost never wear golf shoes, even when I'm golfing" coments come from very low handicappers.... I can't wait til I get good enough that I don't even need to fork out the cash for golf shoes. Do the pros only wear them because they're free for them?
Really? Who's a lowlife? I don't get it. He was raised to be a douche. Look at his life. Any moral judgements solely based on his desicions are stupid. Sorry to be "this guy," but he was not raised like most of us. I've been around plenty of douchebags who don't have a fraction of his potential who behave way worse than he does. I guess I just get prickly when "Lowlife=getting caught."
I think unless you're really good, a ball isn't going to do much for you. I suck, but I find I really concentrate on my routine more, and as a result play better, when I play a decent ball. I'm not good enough for a ball to actually make a difference... I'm just going to be more careful when I know I'm hitting 4 bucks into the OB rather than hitting 50c. With that said, I'm a much better Golfer with Pentas and Bridgestone 330s.
I had a similar experience at a tourney recently... Got stuck behind a foursome who all drove the ball crazy far, but couldn't hit a green in 2 more shots whether it was a par 3 or a par 5. They were only golfing when they took a break from wrestling with each other and harassing cart girls. They also got so drunk that they flipped 2 carts on the last couple of holes. They wound up winning pretty much everything with there being no rule enforcement. I could have gotten...
Funny you should mention the confidence thing. I just got the Dymo SQ 15*. After being super intimidated by the size of the face (1/2 the size of my last 3W), after hitting a few on the range, then taking it out for a round, I was completely shocked at how easy it is to hit. I have total confidence in it after hitting it.
Shocked you're in HI. Seriously though, after 2 years I threw my first club the other day. The rest of my foursome was behind some trees so I just let go. Of course, it just went high enough for the marshall pulling up in his cart to see it and he gave me a dirty look. Of course our cart had run out of juice, and the only solution was for him to trade with us on 8. I'll never throw a club again. Some of us just have to embrace the fact that we'll always get caught and...
BTW, just so I make sure no-one misunderstands, this is on a twilight-nobody on the course situation. Not a saturday thing. And a late-night, with flashlights, maybe we'll get attacked by Racoons if we're lucky thing.
To respond to the "not enough time" folks... if I'm playing with my friends, of course there's no time. If I'm playing with my step-dad however... who hits at least two balls badly from anywhere, and who takes at least three minutes with any shot, I can find plenty of time. And ball hunting at night is super-fun with a flashlight. All I'm saying is that I'm not super-wealthy, nor good enough with my budget to justify paying 40 for a box of balls. But if I spend 5...
I like to spend 5 minutes or so... while the rest of my foursome walks to the next shot, to look for balls in the bushes; they are more plentiful than you might believe. I must explain. Years before I actually played, as a munchkin, I had a friend who lived on a course. We'd walk around on the wooded areas, find a bunch of lost balls, and then go down to the range and sell them to guys trying to hit a few. Very lucrative as a youth. As an adult though, I have access to...
I love this. As crappy as my stuff is, I hit it good. I'll probably switch to hybrids when my Dunlop 5W finally breaks.... If you hit it well, it ain't no thing. If you spend a bunch of money and you hit it bad? it's beautiful for the rest of us folks who can't afford what you have. Karma over Capitalism makes MOST people happy. Enjoy it.
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