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  Work on the 1 pc back swing to 1/3 of the backswing or the halfway point over and over until it becomes automatic....I never learned the triangle other than the theory but it is not one of my swing thoughts so I can't comment on that. But you really must have YOUR take away down pat!   Hard to say what is going on with your swing without seeing it but practicing the take-away until it is grooved is a great start to good ball striking. 
OH, and I forgot to critique your swing!    So not looking to shabby!....two things to work on....you are bringing the club past parallel on the back swing and letting your left arm bend a little at the top....both of which can cause problems during the transition to the downswing.   Maybe start with keeping that left arm straight....might take care of the shaft crossing the line at the top!    But really nice looking swing!
Well, it's what is known as a "strong" grip....but I've seen "Stronger"...my brother in laws is crazy compared to yours.   No, I would not do anything drastic like making major changes to that grip ON YOUR DRIVER. You said that you hit it straight etc so why not. However, you may consider a grip change with your irons if you use the same grip. That grip will hold your iron play back as you work to get better.
I try not to just "hit balls" at the range. That really doesn't do much for game improvement unless you are a beginner. IMO.   If you are shooting in the 90's, you are probably hitting some good shots but also quite a few poor shots and 3 putting quite a bit.   It my not seem like fun, but you could really make a huge dent in your scoring by becoming 'deadly' from 150 yards and in. If you can get on from 150yds, chip well and putt....you'll shoot in the 80's...
My kids pick up balls from our family course....all kinds of "junk" balls and high priced balls.   Sometimes I get bored and go outside and hit 8 or 10 shot with a 6 iron or something. Because of this post I just realized that all of those shots travele about the same distance! (If struck well).   Hmmm...maybe I don't need to spend the money on ProV's anymore!    Except.....distance isn't everything! Feel baby! Gotta feel right around the greens! 
It really is a must to have the lie fitted to you. You don't want to have to manipulate your hands at all at address!
  Yep. I hold off rotating as long as possible. Most pro instructors would say it's technically wrong but it is my swing now and forever. On my backswing at parallel, the toe of my club is not pointed up...at least not straight up as most instructors would say....then I just let it do what it does. 
I hit 3/4 wedges till I get my tempo back. Verify your basics too...grip, stance etc. Just to make sure you haven't changed your set-up due to not paying proper attention.
Okay...maybe for putting.
I'm not sure I would change much at this point. Strength is likely not an issue. Distance will come soon enough! You definitely should not make any major changes to that swing...it's a good solid movement.   Remember. Swing faster, NOT harder. 
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