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Sorry, id never help anyone get their club out of the tree by standing on my shoulders, go find a ladder  
Steak and  baked potato and salad and pie for dessert.  Sometimes simple is better.   And if someone doesnt want steak, give grilled fish or chicken to those a bit more health conscious.  
You can go buy one on ebay, just search for it.  
I love all the high tech ideas of how to speed up play.   Will never happen at many of the courses i play at.  A lot of them dont even take debit cards as they dont want to spend money on the machine, cash only.   Most golf courses dont want to spend extra money on gadgets that dont make money and potentially turn people away by policing pace of play.   I like the idea of making people pay more to play the back tees.   Im sure most would say give me the front tees for...
except when your birthday in in February like mine, if its cold enough its free to play at some courses around here as the clubhouse is closed but if you want to walk they dont care if you do, most people dont want to so maybe you might see one other person on the course at the same time as you during the winter, almost like having your own private course.      
Probably making better contact with those clubs and thats why they're going further.   Mines usually the 8 iron, sometimes ill hit it farther then the 7 because its easier for me to hit.
I feel like im in a similar situation now, last 3 times playing ive simply struggled.  I wish i had another hobby but everything else id like to do is too expensive so golf is my primary leisure activity.   Ill try the take a few days off approach and see how that goes.  I go through these stretches every few months and im sure its a minor glitch in my already flawed swing but its a flawed swing that i can shoot in the high 80's with on a good day(and putting well) and...
Ive been struggling badly the last few days with my driver.  Same issue i had at about the same time last year.   For some reason I cant seem to get any elevation with my tee shots, hitting really low shots that go straight into the ground and killing my distance.  Same with the 3 wood as well.  So bad that i even went to hitting my 3 hybrid off the tee but which works on shorter par 4's but leaves shots way too long into longer par 4's and par 5's.   I dont remember how...
Looks like he's ready to be pro, school can always wait.   He can always go back to school and get that meaningless degree when his career is over., he's only going to school to play college golf, his career will be the PGA tour.   Look at someone like Michelle Wie.  She is professional but is trying to go to Stanford and play on the LPGA tour at the same time.  If she would just realize that school isnt that important at this point and focus only on golf, she would be...
  I remember on one episode of the barkley haney project, barkley says if you have a house on a golf course you should expect to get hit.  I guess if you're a guy the size of barkley and you do it, i doubt the owner would say much anyway if he didnt know who barkley was.      
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