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Welcome to the Sand Trap.  Knoxville here.
78 (40/38) @ Whittle Springs GC.   (par 70 course)  Best round ever.    Haven't been on here in a while, but remembered why I love this site so much, after about 20 seconds.
88 (43/45) @ Cedar Hills in VA. Never quite caught on to green speeds that were much slower than what I am used to, but beyond that pretty happy. Chipped quite well.
Sunday:  85 (45/40) @ Knox Municipal  Yesterday:  89 (46/43) @ Dead Horse Lake
Played 9 @ Knox Muni.  Shot a 46, which I am pretty happy about considering I haven't played since Nov.  Lots of rust in my putting game, but other than that I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of my game.  Beautiful sunny day, 37 degrees (which made the ball feel like 5 lbs.)
Telescopic ball retriever 2 Callaway gloves Callaway hat Club brush Putting mat 1 Dozen ProV1
I got a really good deal on a Callaway driver and 4-sw set, and I had intentions of buying other Callaway products.  But one day at Dick's I saw a friend who had just hit a Cleveland HiBore XLS 3w and he loved it, so I tried one and walked out of there with it that day.  I liked the Cleveland 3w so well that I also got the 7w eventually.  My gap wedge and putter (both Cleveland) were purchased based on feel.  I am not exclusively a Callaway and Cleveland only guy, it...
Welcome the the Sand.  Knoxville native here.
I don't drink at the course very often, but a little booze calms me down, and I have shot some of my better rounds when I was drinking. Only with a non-drinker to drive home too, might I add.
Currently I am really digging Shinedown: Diamond Eyes.
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