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This is a 3-PW set of Dynamic Gold S300 shafts that were pulled from a set of Mizuno MP-14 irons. They're .355 tip and they played standard length in the MP-14s. The shafts do not have shaft bands. They look to have been removed (rather poorly) by the previous owner. There is still a little sticker residue left behind on the shaft. It will probably come off with alcohol and a little scrubbing. I didn't bother with it because I decided to go with regular flex shafts after...
These are back up and for sale this time. Very nice set of MP-57 irons with TT Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and Mizuno branded Golf pride M-21 grips. These irons are in very good shape. There is no browning on the faces like you see with many Mizuno forgings, and the grooves are still like new. There is some minor bag chatter and the normal small nicks and dents on the soles that you expect from a forged iron.   I've had these irons for about a year and I've played maybe...
I usually follow the "first in" rule, but sometimes it is the second or third. As has already been said, it's usually anybody but the last one in.
I would definitely be interested in checking out what you've got.
Better? That's debatable. When it comes to a particular forging, better is in the hand of the beholder. From my personal experience, Kyoei forgings are some of the softest. That leads to that "hitting a marshmallow" feel when you strike the ball, but that isn't for everyone. Some people like a more positive feel when they strike the ball. Also, Kyoei does many forgings. They sell clubs with their name on them, and I know they do Vega clubs. Outside of those, I'm not...
I'm looking for a set of steel shaft pulls 3-PW in regular flex, with .355 tip, and cut to standard length. I'll consider any shafts, but #1 is TT Dynamic Gold R200 or R300 and #2 is Project X 5.0.
I thank you very much for the offer, but I'm holding out for a set of muscleback irons with regular shafts.
I have to go with Dustin Johnson. Although, Ryo Ishikawa is a strong second.
I've done the same thing in going from a hard swing to a slower, smoother swing. I've greatly increased accuracy, but lost quite a bit of distance. If you've significantly slowed your swing, have you changed equipment or are you still using the same stuff? I ask because I have stiff shafts in all my clubs, which were all bought when I had a swing speed ~100mph with my driver and had a very aggressive transfer. Once I smoothed my swing out, I lost a bit of speed (not too...
I like Dustin Johnson, but my favorite PGA golfer will be Tom Watson as long as he's still playing tournaments.
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