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      Absolutely the truth. I can't believe it took the golf experts on this forum 10 pages of posts to finally get around to Raphaël Jacquelin. 
I was playing one afternoon with a District Judge in Texas. He broke a window. "I'm going to go over and offer to pay for the damage," he said. "But I don't have to."
I'll bet he found them under a bridge. Isn't that where trolls live?
Agree, but what I really doubt is all the omniscient posters who just "know" he never had a lesson.
   Just because he was on a college golf team doesn't mean he's had a lesson. A lot of college golf coaches are little more than bus drivers. Here's what Bubba's website says: "More interestingly, the only golf lesson Bubba received was from his father at a very young age and he has not had a lesson since. He is truly a self-taught golfer." 
From his website: "Although Bubba was a standout left-handed pitcher in high school, he chose to stick with golf and received a golf scholarship to the University of Georgia where he helped lead the Bulldogs to an SEC title in 2000. In 2001, a year away from graduating, Bubba decided to turn professional and went on to lead the Tour in driving distance multiple years in a row."
Agree on both, and a good place for me to end my part in this discussion, which started as a way to remind golfers that there are positive aspects to the anchored putter ban, and not to re-hash something that we can't do anything about. The positive aspects--you can still use long putters with minor modifications to your stroke, fewer of your opponents will be using them, and supposedly they're less expensive.
Not enough. The equipment engineers are still way ahead.
For the same reason that they don't do anything about some of the things that really need fixing--like club and ball technology that should be reined in to keep from making our courses obsolete and the game a mockery compared to how it was once played. The equipment industry is too powerful.  They thought their stupid ruling would make long putters go away without having to fight that battle. 
New Posts  All Forums: