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Thanks for the feedback!
Man, I don't get this reaction at all!  I mean, I see as many Srixon range balls as Top Flight.  Pinnacles too.  If you haven't played the gamer v2 then I wouldn't bash them because it makes you look like an idiot to those of us who know what a solid ball it is.     I've yet to find a ball that matches the prov1x.  That's what I usually have in my bag.  But, I'll tell you right now that there is not a ball that comes close to it in the $20 range except for the v2 gamer....
I was at the galaxy this evening looking for a wedge to buy a buddy for his birthday and I came across the Adams Tom Watson series wedges.  These things are gorgeous with their classic lines and mirror finish.  Also, they're $50 a piece which would make it easy to get him a set.     Has anyone played these or have any opinions about them?  If people like them I may actually buy myself a set as well at that price.
No more than 1 per round.  No fewer than 1 for every three rounds.
Do you mean a 3 ball sleeve or a 12 pack.  A 12 pack means you average over 1 ball lost per round in a ten round scenario.
There are other ways to protect against skin cancer.  It's just an ugly hat.  Those things Martin Kaymer wears around his neck can be sun blockers too.
I frigging hate Rory.  So disappointed with the results to this tournament.  And his hat looks way worse than any pants Ian Poulter ever wore.  He stole that hat from Shingo Katayama!
That would be a show.
That was remarkable.  So many people let their negative situation become their identity.  It's nice to see someone who makes no excuses.  That guy looked like a low handicap that could kick most of our tails.
No conspiracy.  What is amazing is the ability that the pros have to hit the same club some 40-50 yards shorter or longer depending on their swing.  Personally, I find myself in situations where I am between yardages all the time.  I then have to hit a easy shot or really amp up on one to get the correct yardage.  That method doesn't often yield quality results.  But the pros have practices sooo much with each club that they really have an excellent ideal how far a shot...
New Posts  All Forums: