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I keep it very simple and tend to 1 thing only - how much effort is needed for the shot that I am visualizing. Unless I have some sort of trick shot, I grab my 58 degree, quickly pick a line and trajectory, and only focus on the effort needed. I am a firm believer that focusing on mechanics during a round will lead to disaster more often than not. I also use 1 basic swing from tee to green so I don't get hung up on chip vs pitch - I simply swing smoothly just like I would...
Remember when you are setting up that the left shoulder is the center of the swing. Therefore, a ball near the center of your stance should receive a decending blow. As with all shots, brace your right leg so that it can be used to keep your weight from drifting away from the target. If your weight gets caught away from the target than so does your left shoulder, and so does the low point of your swing, resulting in a fat shot. If you adjust for the left shoulder being...
For the first several years I played golf, seeing my shadow threw me off big time because my arm motion looked wrong. Turns out it was. As I developed sound fundamentals, my shadow became less and less of an issue. Now, I actually like seeing my shadow.
There are different ways to swing. Some are more consistent than others. Left side control tends to be more consistent for me because the straight left arm is repeatable. Takes time to wrap your head around how a left side dominant swing can be powerful. However, when you are truly a 'swinger' you realize the body is the source of power and left/right arm dominant is more of a technique style - not a different means to power the swing. BTW... I can swing left or right...
The basic fix: smooth transition starting with the hips. Relax the rear arm keeping the back of the leading hand along the swing plane.
Regardless of your past, history, it just sounds to me like you need to learn the fundamentals. There will not be any single pointer you'll find on the forums. You'll need to work with a good coach and bang about 10,000 ball's trying to put in place what you've been taught.
I agree with you 100% but trying to explain the concept to people who have yet to pull off the technique is very difficult because they will swear the muscular contribution by the arms is a significant power source. And in speaking with a number of pro tour players many of them do infact consider the role of the arms or right arm to be passive which gives the legs and core leverage when properly loaded at the top.
I knew at least one person would fall for that one dude. Yes, it's a fact in the small town of Gullable.
  My point exactly is that Ben Hogan had the trouble of over-coiling... this is the exactly opposite of the average golfer.  So, for Ben, turning the overall hips and thinking right hand timing was perfect... but, the exact opposite recipe for the average golfer who cannot coil.    Look at most average golfers at impact... their hips have yet to close adequately.  Those that don't think about the hips get stuck on their right.  Those who attempt to lead with them slide...
Relax your right side at setup and takeaway. At setup, your right shoulder should be slightly lower than your left. In your backswing never ever lift with tour right arm - allow your left arm to guide the backswing. With this approach, you are more influenced to load onto your right side rather than have your right side muscles work to spin you back onto your left side.
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