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I bought a mobile battery (13000mah or something, google it) which I keep in my bag to recharge my phone after the round if required.
I hope he never spoons it into the wall and it bounces back at him, that would be unpleasant.
You didnt have a go with the Biocell +, but perchance did you didnt happen to look at the Biocell pro?     
I also vehemently disagree!  Over here in the UK people are lapping up everything that is Rory and I dont see it halting, well until the Olympics maybe.  I asked about 10 guys from work if they watched the golf in the weekend and three of us stayed up until 2am (separate households and independently) to watch the round specifically because of him. 
Im not sure who is cooler now, tiger or DJ. 
From what I have heard, it is very moreish
 I would incorporate squats or squat jumps on this.
Congrats, I am actually looking forward to the thread. 
Sorry to quote another site but there is an article on golf wrx which says about distance problems can be a lot to do with variable putter angles and angles of attack - basically too much inconsistancy in body position at impact. If the ball is skidding or bouncing or straight rolling changes the amount of distance which will screw up constancy. Also hitting the puts on the heel, toe or centre will change the distance too.
I saw mcilroy quote this somewhere, I can't find a source but it might of just been the April 2014 today's golfer which he guest edited.
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