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I killed a goose with a really hot, low 3-wood shot off the tee.  I couldn't even retrieve my ball because like 30 more geese had it surrounded and were going nuts and honking at me when I would try to get close.
See.  There you go.  Bring some new material to the table and it's all good.  To me the "one" joke is right up there with "thats what she said" as the most annoying, played out jokes. Me:  Get in the HOLE! Some Jackass:  That's what she said. UGGHHH
 You MUST hit the next ball from the tee.  To remove it from the tee would require that you touch a ball that is "in play" which would be a penalty.
  No, it's only on the tee shot.  I align the logo of the ball on my target line as many people do with putts.  Then approach the ball from behind and use my club to spin the ball on the tee if I need to adjust the line. So it's not as though I'm hitting the ball with a waggle at address or anything.
It doesn't matter if they are saying it to me or somebody else, it's just such an old "joke" that it just can't be funny.  And why in the world would I change my pre-shot routine?
I put a Wynn Jumbo Lite on my putter and it feels amazing.  Putting has always been a strength of mine but I have been so lights out on the short puts with the jumbo grip that my playing partners routinely offer to "gimme" 3.5 & 4 footers.  The combination of the big grip with my soft-faced STX Envision putter is pure GOLD.
Why is there a moron in every group that has to say "One" and then laugh when you knock the ball off the tee?  It's so freaking annoying and with my pre-shot routine I knock the ball off the tee at least once or twice a round.
  I don't think they are "self-proclaimed" as the best.  They are the best. 
I'm no longer a single digit player but when I was, it was purely from short game practice.  I chipped into hula hoops or trash cans in the yard.  I would flop shots over my kids' swing set.  I would play "bocci" with golf balls with my friends.  At my best, I shot a 71 with one GIR.  If my approach game had ever been on par with my short game and driving, I would have been scratch but as it was I peaked at around 7.  
DLIII's.  He's my all-time favorite golfer.   
New Posts  All Forums: