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Picked both/neither.  With my wedges I'm a digger as I'm trying to hit down on the ball a lot more, but with most of my irons I pick it clean off the ground.
 The Masters like the limited coverage because they don't need the money and it keeps the Augusta aura and mystery in tact.  They also like the feeling of exclusivity and prestige they have by not showing every hole or every shot.  I agree it's ridiculous that you can't watch every hole or every shot of certain rounds on certain days, but that isn't going to change any time soon and the powers at Augusta are happy with that.
Voted no because I don't, but I really should as it takes me a few holes to get into rhythm.  15-20 balls at the most would be perfect.
I play in 4-5 scrambles a year with friends.  It's mainly an excuse to go out, drink some beer, have a good time, and not take golf so seriously.  I don't doubt cheating happens, but we're not very good and we know we're not going to win so oh well, whatever makes them feel better.   I've always wondered why scrambles don't use two groups on the same hole instead of one.  Would take away a lot of the cheating that happens.
52 front and 38 back.  The crazy thing was I had three birdies and an eagle on the day.
Shot a 63 on a par 55 par 3 course.  Four bogeys, two doubles, and 12 pars.  Missed a few good chances at birdie. Was hitting the ball well for the most part so overall I was happy.  The two doubles were due to poor tee shots followed by bad pitch/chip shots. Nice weather made it pretty enjoyable.
Bought a 24 pack of the Taylor Made Project A balls and two 24 packs of Top Flite Gamers.
Final hole of a golf scramble I played on Saturday.  About 225 yards out after our tee shot on a Par 5.  Hit a perfect fading 3 iron that landed just short the green.  It took one big hop onto the green then rolled to 6 inches from the cup.  Gotta love tap-in eagles. 
Picture of ex-wife maybe?
Just use your brain. If it looks like nobody else is around or could've possibly hit it there from where the groups around you are, then feel free to take it. If there's even a tiny chance that someone from the group on the box two holes over could have hit it there, then just leave it.  It's only a golf ball after all. Recap of an actual conversation I've had with someone who drove into the fairway of the hole I was on and picked up my ball from smack dab in the...
New Posts  All Forums: