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Leaving empty beer cans and food wrappers all over the course would be my definition of a slob.  Leaving tees, broken or otherwise, on the tee box? Not even close.
Anybody played community recently? Looking at getting out early tomorrow since I'm off and am wondering about the water situation there.  That course hold water or does it dry out pretty fast?
 If I'm getting the story correct, the only witnesses are his two sons and his Air Force buddy.  You'd think at least one other random person on the course would've seen at least one or two of his hole-in-ones, which is why I think this story is bogus.
 Only saw one starter/ranger on the course.  The weather wasn't that great and the course was far from full, so I'm sure they didn't care.  It was weird to see though.  Didn't bother asking about a refund. I didn't care at that point.  Vintage was fine and from what I could see of the Legend it was fine as well.
I played "18" at Yankee Saturday afternoon as a single.  Played the Vintage for the front 9.  Felt like taking my time so I just held my place behind a threesome.  Had a group of five behind me so I wasn't worried about slowing down play or anything.  Interesting that you guys mentioned a fivesome.  I saw 3 fivesomes on the course.  Must have been some kind of fivesome promotion weekend that we didn't hear about. Switched to the Heritage for the other 9 and the course had...
Even for a pro or semi-pro golfer, this just smells like so much BS it's hard to believe.
I get the hate for the older top flite balls, but the Gamer is a damn good ball for $20 or 2 for $30.  Solid durability and decent spin/feel.  Really good for an early/late season and water hole ball that you don't mind losing because of the cost but still plays pretty well.
 I'd be able to do July 18th.  Been having a lot of swing troubles lately so hopefully I can get that worked out before then.
-5 going to win? Or is Oosthuisen going to be in a playoff tomorrow?
I don't care about anyone's complains about the course. This is FANTASTIC to watch.
New Posts  All Forums: