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If there are only out of bounds stakes and my ball is within arms reach I'll grab it. Outside of that it's gone.
I have a few work things going on and won't be able to make it. :-(  Hope you guys have fun!
"We have completed the random selection process for 2016 Practice Rounds tickets and regret your application was not selected for tickets."
I'm still good to go on the 18th if someone was setting that up.  Sounds like we have at least 4 that can play.
Mad Max: Fury Road - Eagle.  Fantastic movie with lots of great action/stunts and wonderful visuals.   Terminator Genisys - Par.  Honestly better than I thought it would be, so that probably saved it from being a bogey.  Entertaining enough to keep me interested.  Plus Emilia Clarke is gorgeous.  One thing that the Terminator franchise needs is it go back to being more of a sci-fi thriller instead of an all out action movie.  That's what made the first two movies so good.
For the first time all week, Tiger doesn't drive it into the water or snap-hook on 17. PROGRESS!!!!!
Finally completed one of my goals from the 2011 Golf Goals thread broke the 80 barrier! Shot a 79.  The course plays at 6304 yards with 69.4 rating and 126 slope.  Shorter-ish course but very hilly. Round was going about how I normally play till I hit an eagle on 16.  Gave me enough of a cushion to bogey the last two holes to finish under 80.
Leaving empty beer cans and food wrappers all over the course would be my definition of a slob.  Leaving tees, broken or otherwise, on the tee box? Not even close.
Anybody played community recently? Looking at getting out early tomorrow since I'm off and am wondering about the water situation there.  That course hold water or does it dry out pretty fast?
 If I'm getting the story correct, the only witnesses are his two sons and his Air Force buddy.  You'd think at least one other random person on the course would've seen at least one or two of his hole-in-ones, which is why I think this story is bogus.
New Posts  All Forums: