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I got two eagles in a row today. Both par 4s, hole 15 and 16 at the Palmerston North Golf club, New Zealand. the first was a 280m hole with the tee about 5m higher than the hole. I drove just to the right of the green and chipped it in. The 16th hole is just over 300m, with water in the way and on the left. At the end of the water is a large tree that obscures the green (green is clear from the fairway on the right, but not the tee). I slaughtered the ball and got a nice...
It's the driver for me. Played a 9-hole round yesterday and drove the green on 6 of 9 holes. I love the sound when you really spank it and hear the ball fizz as it climbs away
I don't average 300yards, but I regularly hit it. The driving range where I am is 300m (330 yards) and I will put 30-40% out the end. On the course, I have been measuring and recording the drives that land on the fairway with a gps this year. I am at 52% of fairways hit off the tee. My current average for the year is 252m (275 yards) and longest is 308m (335 yards). This is at sea level. It is chipping and putting that let me down, not my driving. I come from a cricket...
It just depends on what you personally prefer. If you're in the market for a new putter, try as many as you can and choose the one that feels best for you
University student
I'm 21. Been playing since I was a little kid, but haven't played for a few years while at university
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