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Thanks for the kind replies. And yes, it was a serious question. I did figure they used the right hand/thumb, but they just make it look effortless if you know what I mean. I just thought it's a cool little thing that kind of shows off how good you are with a golf club.  That's all. Thanks,   Dan  
Hello folks,   It may sound like a stupid question, but how do better players(and pros) twist that club like a helicopter after a swing? I have to say it looks pretty darn cool, and it's one of many golf tricks I'd like to mimic. Looks like they're using their right hand to create that spinning motion, but I'm not sure how it's done. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,   Dan  
Around $1840 total for my set. Jeez.. didn't realize it was that much until I calculated it. I've had wedges, hybrid, and putter for about 3 years now. Irons and the bag is pretty new. Dan
lol, I know. I noticed the same thing. Dan
I don't think it'll make any difference at all.. ..but this tee will definitely make your ball go straighter! Dan
Gear change - regrip my driver/wood/hybrid - get a putter that's more fit for my skill level Practice/Lessons - another month worth of sessions with my pro - PUTTING PRACTICE Basically, I'm hoping/wishing to hit in the 80s consistently. I believe it can be done if I increase the accuracy of my iron shots and improve my putting. But then, I do realize it's not as easy as it sounds. Dan
Same here. Once I fixed my slice a couple of years ago, I started to hit a horrible hook on mishits. When I intentionally try to hit a slice, the ball goes straight. Ugh. Dan
Making par is pretty good for me, and the most birdie I got in a round is twice. Of course, not in a row. So, 1 for me. Dan
I used to prefer a light, good-looking stand bag in the past, but decided to go with a cart bag with my latest purchase. If it's club organizing and functionality that you're after, I think it's really tough to beat the Bagboy Revolver. Not only because I have one, but I spent quite a time researching and shopping around. I looked most of the popular choices including Sun Mountain(C130), Ogio, etc. I love the soft shaft locking(?) feature of the Revolver. It locks...
Fortunately, most managers in my office including my boss is really into golf. We're all hackers but just LOVE the game. We try to squeeze in a 9 hole on Fridays after work. Usually leave the office around 5:20 ish to tee off around 5:40 Dan
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